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We have organised playoff pools and predictions before and once before there was even a fantasy league. But we are going to try to make it more interesting this year: a keeper fantasy league with a $50 buy-in. Without further delay, here are the details:

Scoring categories

The following 9 scoring categories will be used:

  • Skaters (6): Goals, assists, points, power play points, shots on goal, plus/minus
  • Goalies (3): Wins, save percentage, goals against average

Scoring Format

The league will be in a head to to head format. Each week you will be matched up against another member in the league. Each category you win counts as win, each category lost is one loss. Therefore if you win 5 out of the 9 categories, lose 3 and tie 1, your record for the week will be 5-3-1.

A minimum of three appearances must be made by goaltenders or all goaltending categories will be forfeited for the week.

League and team structure

Here is how the positions will be filled within each team:

  • Two centres, two left wing, two right wing, four defencemen, two goaltenders
  • Four bench players of any position. But no more than the limits above can be started on any given day.
  • Edit: one actually injured player (as determined by Yahoo) will be allowed to be on injured reserve.
  • Managers can change their lineup everyday based on the teams and goaltenders starting that day.
  • Maximum of four acquisitions per week.
  • Players released will be placed into the waiver wire, where they can be picked up in reverse order of the standings. After two days they will become free agents.


  • There will be a live draft a date to be determined.
  • Starting from season two, a team will be able to protect one centre, one left wing, one right wing, two defencemen and one goaltender. The remaining players will be released into the draft.
  • The deadline to protect a player is one week before the upcoming draft. Before this, players can be traded for players and draft picks if a team feels they will not protect that player.

Playoffs and prize money

  • Depending on interest, there will be 12 teams.
  • The top eight teams will make the championship playoffs and the bottom four teams will be eliminated.
  • To prevent tanking, the draft for years 2 onwards will be: 9, 10, 11, 12, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
  • 1st to 8th will be determined by playoff finishing, with regular season finish being the tiebreaker between teams losing in the same round.
  • The prize money will be 40% to regular season winner, 40% to playoff winner, 20% to playoff runner up.
  • The structure is subject to change if 12 teams are not filled out.

Payment of fees and other notes

  • Buy-in is $50 if you send it via interac e-transfer to me.
  • Buy-in is $51 if you send it via PayPal.
  • This does require you to trust me with your money for a year. Unfortunately there are no other alternatives.
  • The league will be created on Yahoo! once they have it available. There will be plenty of advance notice for the live draft.
  • If interested, please email me at the address on my SBN Profile. Your spot will be reserved when you send your payment.
  • Rules are subject to change. If there is any conflict between what is mentioned here and the rules in official league settings, obviously those rules will take precedent.

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