Who Do You Wear, and Why?

I abhore watching awards shows. There's always so much hype--the dresses! The pageantry of it all! The always over-hyped host, some of who fail terribly (I'm looking at you, Selina Ky--I mean Stickwoman, and Perma-Stoned), and others which make do with having to make something out of an otherwise pretty boring spectacle.

In particular, I've always groaned when the red carpet reporters would ask, "Who are you wearing?" It always seemed so contrived; to make a big deal out of what a person was wearing by asking the particular celebrity who they were wearing.

I haven't been single for a while, and thus have had to gain at least some semblance of fashion sense because my girlfriend wouldn't let me out of the house anymore with baggy jeans...but I digress.

Point is, I have learned to appreciate that the dresses celebrities wear do mean something, because a lot of hard work and talent were put into each one to make them unique, for better or for worse.

After thinking of this for a while, my mind started drifting, as it does frequently, to sports. Many of us wear team jerseys, and many of us put a particular name and number on the back of them because to us, that name and number have particular meaning. Kind of like those celebrities wearing dresses--see, there's some connection!

The picture above are the jerseys that I own.

I got Wade Redden's jersey for Christmas when I was 11 years old, and I wanted his jersey badly because he was my sports hero growing up, and I wanted to play just like him. Who knew that eventually he'd begin playing just like me?

Next came my Minnesota Wild jersey, many years later at the very end of 2009, just before Christmas. After rocking my exams I decided I wanted to buy a jersey of another one of my favourite defenceman in the NHL. But who to choose? It came down to deciding between a Dion Phaneuf Flames jersey or a Brent Burns Wild jersey. After much deliberation (and watching Burns beat up Phaneuf badly in a fight on Youtube) I decided to get a Burns jersey. Thank goodness for that! Phaneuf got traded to Toronto two days after my brand new Brent Burns jersey came on January 29th. I can't imagine ever wearing that jersey (and unfortunately I hated wearing my Burns jersey because of Heatley).

- I ordered the Jared Cowen jersey in late November, 2011. The store owner in Quebec e-mailed me, deeply apologetic, and told me he wouldn't be able to get me the jersey by Christmas. He could, however, either send it to me with no name or number for $100, or he would send it to me after the New Year for $140. No problem, as the jersey was a gift to myself, and my birthday is right after New Year's Day. What a steal!

I found the Anaheim *Mighty* Ducks jersey on eBay for $60 bucks in January 2012 without hesitation. I'm stuck between getting either Paul Kariya or Gordon Bombay's name/number on the back.

I got the Wayne Gretzky Los Angeles Kings jersey from my aunt, a few months before she passed away, unfortunately, but the story behind the jersey itself is great. The jersey was worn by Gretzky during an exhibition game, and was given as a gift to my step-cousin, actor Alan Thicke, who's one of Gretzky's best friends and even served as the host of Gretzky's wedding. He passed it along to my Uncle, and eventually it made its way to me. Thanks bro!

Lastly, I got the Daniel Alfredsson Heritage jersey for Christmas because...well, because he's Daniel Alfredsson, the best player to ever don an Ottawa Senators jersey. He was a God in this town, and I wanted to get a jersey that I would pass along if I ever have children, with a million stories to tell about the man who made the Ottawa Senators into a respected, winning franchise when so many others packed up and left.

Some day, I hope to be able to tell something similar to that. But for now, looking at it makes me feel sad.

I thought this would be a great opportunity for people who comment to share what jerseys they own, and what meaning or significance they have, if any. Feel free to share!

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