Silver Nuggets: The Rivalry

That is playoff hockey love. - Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

This is the series we all wanted. Not the Bruins. Not the Capitals. The Canadiens. We wanted to feel the hate, feel the rivalry we haven't felt since the Battle of Ontario.

Well, it is here now. Bring on the hate.

In just three games, the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadiens have become the talk of the league. As Stefon from SNL would say, this series has everything:

  • Goalies losing teeth
  • Rookies losing teeth
  • Rookies scoring hat tricks
  • Pucks being shot at players
  • Last second timeouts
  • Suspensions
  • Line brawls
  • Lessons on what is and is NOT classy (courtesy of noted gentleman Michel Therrien)
  • Bug eyed walruses
  • And lots and lots of hate

Fairly, this series is being compared to the Penguins and Flyers series from last year. Just so much bad blood. It has made the series the talk of the league, and Twitter blew up last night with everyone talking about the game.

Personally, for me, it got a bit stupid at the end, but I feel entirely unbiased in saying that the stupidity was perpetuated by a frustrated Habs team, and the result came because Ottawa was not going to take Montreal's shit.

Now, the league would never want someone to get hurt, as evidenced by the 2 game suspension Eric Gryba received for knocking out Lars Eller, so I'm sure the Montreal Canadiens will be receiving some supplemental discipline for running around like total morons picking on the smallest players on the Senators, right?

What? What is that you say? No discipline? The league is going to let the bigger, stronger, tougher Senators deal with it themselves? That sounds like a hell of a plan.

Now, thankfully I Trustache and I know that he will have the boys focused and ready to go Tuesday night. I hope he, like me, believes that the best revenge would be to take a stranglehold heading back to Montreal, but if I'm Tough Guy Rene Bourque, I'm looking over my shoulder for Matt Kassian and Chris Neil. They should be taking every opportunity to make his life hell on Tuesday night.

I know I for one, cannot wait to see where this series goes next. Its been a hell of a ride so far.

Sens Links

  • Ups and Downs, playoff edition. If you can't pick who the biggest gains is, chances are you have been under a rock. PAAAAAGEAU PAGEAUPAGEAUPAGEAU PAAAAAAGEAU, PAAAAGEAU! [SSS]
  • The recaps of a game we'll be talking about for years to come. I'm biased, but Amelia's is easily the best. The HEoTP one is en français! [SSS] [HEoTP] [NP] [Warren]
  • Michel Therrien and his "interesting" definition of classless. [Deadspin]
  • Scanlan with the war of words that continues to flow between Therrien and MacLean. I think Paul is handling himself like a pro, and Therrien looks like an idiot, personally. [Scanlan]
  • As a result, Milks believes (and I tend to agree) that MacLean is all up in Therrien's head right now. That is good news for Sens fans. [MIlks]
  • Lastly, an article that talks about how the Binghamton Senators coaches pushed to keep Jean-Gabriel Pageau in the AHL at the beginning of the year. [PressConnects]
  • Watch Z. Smith pump up the crowd in an interview. [Sens]

League Links

  • WWL [PD]
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