All-Time Senators Team: 1st Line Left Wing

Welcome back all! Unsurprisingly, Jason Spezza dominated yesterday's poll, and will be the team's first line Center. The full team can be seen on this Google spreadsheet, so you can all keep track as the team gets built. Moving on, we'll discuss the team's top Left Wing sniper's. This should be a better debate than yesterday, with a former Captain and a 50 goal scorer make the list.

Without further ado, your candidates:

Randy Cunneyworth: Spent 4 seasons as the club's Captain before handing it off to Alexei Yashin for a season. Fun fact: I have a picture of me and my 5 month old sister with Randy in his last season with the Broom Hat Tribe. Hard worker, skilled winger, really embodied the early Sens. Helped in the development of God, aka Daniel Alfredsson.

Martin Havlat: Uber-talented winger, played 5 seasons with the team before being moved for Tom Preissing and Josh Hennesy after saying he would only sign a 1 year deal with the club so he could test free agency. Would love to see this guy back in Ottawa to finish up his career. Played at over a PPG pace in Ottawa

Dany Heatley: 3 straight 50 goal seasons, Heatley helped bring the Senators to their first every Stanley Cup FInals, only to be shut down by the Ducks. One third of the CASH line, Heatley helped fill the opposing net and fans stomachs. Also, he's a massive douche.

Milan Michalek: Roboknee put up 35 goals last season on Spezza's wing, using his size and speed to get to the net. He has been hampered by injuries through much of his career, and has only scored 2 goals in 15 games this season. He was the big piece acquired from San Jose in the trade of the f***ing all-star.

My Choice: Dany Heatley. Despite his terrible exit, Heatley was one of the best players on arguable the best Senators team in history. Also, remember that this will be a 4-line team, so guys who don't make it on the top line could still be considered later.

Sleeper pick: Havlat. Mach 9 was one exciting player to watch. Had he been in Ottawa longer, he could have put up some ridiculous numbers.

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