So, The Fifty Contracts Thing...

Do to boredom and curiosity, I decided to analyze and give my (largely arbitrary) two cents on the issue.

So first of all, the RFA's:

Daugavins: Is a fringe player this year....Hoffman/Puempel/Dizzy will battle for left wing spot in camp....time to put the dog down. (Likely gone)

Cowick: Really improved into a legit role player in Bingo, resigned to a two way deal.
Condra: Will be resigned on a one-way deal. Has been a consistent player for Maclean.
Dziurzinsky: Will be resigned, though whether it is a one or two way remains to be seen.
Wiercioch: An absolute lock to be resigned to a multi-year deal, really has come into his own this season.
Bishop: Will be resigned and then likely traded, or simply resigned at some point.
Da Costa: Really hard to say, he has legit NHL skills, but if he does put a serious effort into bulking up, he will not remain an NHL prospect. If he is resigned, it will again be a two-way and probably a one-year deal.
Hoffman: Will be resigned, the only reason he is not in the NHL this season, was an injury. Likely a two-way contract.
Caporusso: No....just no. (Gone)

Borocop: Resigned on a multi-year two way deal. It will be the contract that makes or breaks his future in Ottawa.

So of 10 RFA’s, Ottawa will likely lose only two players next year. Two spots which will be taken by 2/3 of our graduating CHLer’s.

Now onto the UFA’s:

Hugh Jessiman: A competent career AHLer, but nothing special enough for him to stay (Likely Gone).

Nathan Lawson: Likely be resigned to insulate Hammond, one-year, two way. Or some other journeyman will fill the spot.

Mike Lundin: We hardly knew yee…or cared. (Gone)

Andre Benoit: Has been a longstanding Murray guy in this organization. If he stays it will be a contract similar to this year, but likely no more. He will walk if he is offered a one-way deal by another team (Toss Up).

Sergei Gonchar: Would not be surprised if he walks, nor will I be surprised if he resigns. (Toss Up).

Peter Regin: The not so Great Dane, we just don’t have room for him going forward. (Gone)

G. Latendresse: How he plays down the stretch will decide if he stays or if he goes. (Toss Up).

Alfie: Who are we to judge God’s will? (Toss up)

So out of 8 UFA’s, 3 are almost certainly gone, 1 will be resigned (or another journeyman goalie signed for the same thing), and 4 unknowns. The three “goners” covers the signings of Sdao, Rutkowski and the third graduating CHLer.

***I realize I did not count Hammond in this because he will be here next year, but we all know one of Lehner/Anderson/Bishop will not. The departing contract is filled by his.

And thus all we have left is the toss ups. Ultimately Ottawa has four contract spots to work with next year, barring trades or sudden retirement.

So what do you boys and girls think?

This FanPost was written by a member of the Silver Seven community, and does not necessarily reflect the beliefs or opinions of the site managers, editors, or Sports Blogs Nation, Inc.

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