Zibanejad does Q&A on Twitter

Mika Zibanejad, already sick of answering questions about meatballs. - Hannah Foslien

Editor's Note: User B_T has done something awesome besides previewing the week to come by compiling a fun Q&A Mika Zibanejad apparently did on Twitter yesterday.

Zibanejad decided to take the time yesterday to do an open Q&A on Twitter. Here are all of the questions and answers, apart from 2 where I could only find the answer and not the original question. I've included Google translations of the two in Swedish - they're mangled, but I think the meaning still makes it through. (edit: I've replaced the translation for one question, and added translations for a 3rd question and answer in Swedish I managed to miss first time around. Thanks to metalfoot for the translations)

Q: (@bchapman19) How old were you when you started playing hockey?

A: When I was 7 years old!

Q: (@joelleangelgirl) what's your favourite pre game food?

A: Usually spaghetti and meat sauce! :)

Q: (@JEPP35KOG) What team in the NHL was your favourite as a kid?

A: I had so many teams I looked up to but probably Detroit or Pittsburgh!

Q: (@CubCarson) Have you ever eaten lutfisk?

A: Never haha!

Q: (@stevensnyder95) who was your favorite player growing up?

A: Mario Lemieux

Q: (@matthewseguin) How has it felt playing for the Sens this year, compared to last year? #askMika

A: I guess not everything is new for me this year as it was last year! Not as nervous as last year!

Q: (@DWN613) what's it like to be playing with #11? And what was the biggest thing u worked on in the offseason #shot #strength #speed?

A: Its so much fun! As a young player I feel like I have to work on pretty much everything!

Q: (@Mynews_3) do you still keep in touch with your world juniors teammates?

A: Yes I do, some more than others!

Q: (@Mynews_3) do you like baseball? #jays #sens

A: I dont mind it, not my 2nd favorite sport tho!

Q: (@ReillyKimber) Who is usually at the rink first?

A: I dont really know exactly but I try to be one of the first there! I guess the guys that need treatment are there first!

Q: (@GFins31) who's your roommate on the Sens

A: Last year it was Rundblad. But this year I've only been on one road trip and that time it was Mark Borowiecki!

Q: (@Jordan__Rattray) why do you wear number 93? birth year or another reason?

A: Birth year! :)

Q: (@wright_nick) What area of your game to you feel you need to improve the most? What area is your strongest?

A: Haha first question is hard! I want to improve everything in my game! More I can improve the better!

Q: (@CapitalOTT613) Have you asked Chris Neil for pointers on fighting? If not, will you? Also what are your views on fighting in hockey??

A: No not yet hehe! I mean I guess its a part of the game more in NA than in Sweden for example!

Q: (@DavidSens65) How do you like playing with #Alfie?

A: I like it a lot! :)

Q: (@KanataGuy) do the ikea swedish meatballs tastes anything like actual swedish meatballs?

A: Well, I've only been there once but I would say pretty similar! :)

Q: (@Snirb98) how do you like Sens nation? #gosensgo

A: I love them, I love playing in SBP in front of the home crowd!

Q: (@Jacob_heron62) would you ever consider playing for mk lightning or in the uk like monir? At some point towards the end of your career?

A: Only if my brother would play with me haha!

Q: (@IsterEriksson) Käkar du fortfarande köttbullar trots att du bor i Kanada?

Google Translate: Jaws Still meatballs even though you live in Canada?

A: Ja det hander!

Google Translate: Yes it happens!

Q: (@ShannonB39) who has been the biggest help to you since you were called up?

A: Many guys, the guys are helping out as much as they can!

Q: (@cyberadam26) Favourite movie(s), and why?

A: I really like The Blind Side! I like sports movies!

Q: (@silversevensens) who's the toughest NHLer you've played against so far?

A: Hard question! Maybe Chara!

Q: (@M_Corleone666) what's it like playing for the greatest team in the NHL along side a few of your fellow swedes? #sens

A: It's awesome!

Q: (@Shweet_Lu) Who was the swedish player u looked up to the most in the NHL?

A: I would say Mats Sundin and Alfie!

Q: (@HausOfAlfie) Favourite arena to play in, beside Scotiabank?

A: Scotiabank! ;) hehe

Q: (@Rich_Boyd) Have you found it hard to adapt to the pace and style of the nhl compared to bingo?

A: I mean theres some adjustments I have to do but it's been good so far!

Q: (@Fffeisty) How was your steak dinner yesterday? Question from the table sitting behind you ;-)

A: Haha! It was really good, celebrating my mothers birthday so I enjoyed it!

Q: (@RebeccaEby) what's one thing you miss about Sweden the most?:)

A: All the swedish food haha!

Q: (@SensFan86) What's your favorite thing to do in the weight room? Squats? Bench?

A: Anything that will make me a better hockey player! I would say core workout!

Q: (@AEisnor) what's it like playing alongside a Swedish superstar like Alfie?

A: Its so much fun! :)

Q: (@TaylorAnn999) how exciting is it to play in the NHL? The sens are my favorite team!

A: Its something I've been dreaming of but I have to work harder to stay!

Q: (@jamesbridges16) What is your best memory from the NHL so far?

A: I would say my first NHL-Goal!

Q: (@Chelsea__Noel_6) is hockey the only sport you like to play?

A: I like playing football, soccer and tennis!

Q: (@tony_jetlife) True or False....I believe I saw you at Lac-Leamy dummying the roulette tables over the summer? Keep up the good work!

A: True!

Q: (@steve11263) What's your favorite restaurant in Ottawa?

A: There's a few but haven't really settled for just one! :)

Q: (@hoforsbloggen) Are you gonna return to Djurgården before retirement?

A: It would be fun but I cant say or promise anything right now!

Q: (@JesseSENS) What's your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

A: Spend time with family gf and just recharge my batteries for the next game!

Q: (@SensDewie19) what do you think of Erik Karlsson's moustache?

A: It's classy!

Q: (@EmilyRose474) what has been your favorite arena to play in so far?


Q: (@jamvan55) How do you feel your game has come along since joining the NHL club? Are you becoming more accustomed to the north am game?

A: Yes, its getting there!

Q: (@DevanAWhite) Have you ever seen Happy Gilmore ? If not you should !

A: Haha I love that movie!

Q: (@JcOReilly25) whose got the best chirps on the team?

A: There's a couple I guess, I don't know who's the best!

Q: (@VinnySpezzano) teach me to slapshot.

A: One day maybe!

Q: (@S_VanDen) Did it cross your mind yesterday that dropping the gloves and causing a ruckus was needed? Team obviously needed a spark...

A: Not really, I just try to skate even harder and finish my checks and get the team going that way!

Q: (@xgeistatwork) who's the most underrated player still in Binghamton right now?

A: I don't know really!

Q: (@Stu_McGregor) big fan! Who are your all time fav hockey players? (P.S. I used to run with Al B).

A: Mario Lemieux

Q: (@ickolas) Why are you the way that you are?

A: Good question!

Q: (@Sveman27) Varför lirade du inte J-VM senast?

fellow poster metalfoot: Why did you not play in the last WJC?

A: Sjuk och skadad tyvärr!

Google Translate: Sick and injured alas!

Q: (@NanoZ86) Which team have u enjoyed playing against the most so far?

A: I liked playing at home against Montreal!

Q: (@adde92) va gillar du för musik?:D

fellow poster metalfoot: What music do you like?

A: Det mesta men lyssnar mest pa House!

fellow poster metalfoot: Most of it but I listen most to House!

Q: (@TakiStewart) how's the team mood after being shut out several times?

A: We just have to look forward and make sure we put more pucks in the net!

Q: (@jakesinfield12) do you remember going to the Carleton Place Arena with David Rundblad a few years ago!!!

A: Yes I do!

Q: (@TheShayanNajafi) favourite persian food?

A: Chelo kabab!

Q: (@Marino8871) why number 93?

A: Birth year!

Q: (@Brett_Weiman10) what did you do to get so fast as a hockey player? any tips on developing your speed?

A: Just work on a lot of explosive drills not just on the ice but off the ice as well!

Q: (@GEOMAR85) Hey Mika, do you enjoy playing on the wing or centre more? Good work so far this year!

A: I like both! Its a bit different but not too much!

Q: (@MiiSS_E) funniest guy in the team?

A: O'Brien

Q: (@AJohnnzz) who are you the closest with out of the other three swedes on the team? #Alfie #Silfverberg #KingKarl

A: I would say Silfverberg!

Q: (@sensfan74_tdk) Have you settled in now after whirlwind & kinda odd way you got called up? Being injured, then on break, then in the NHL?

A: Everything happened so fast so I think it was good for me, didnt have much time to think, so I kinda had to go with it!

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