Ottawa Senators Roster Map

Recently, ek65 shared with our community Blue Bird Banter's Blue Jays Roster Tree Map. Needless to say, it's a pretty awesome way of displaying your team's origins. So awesome, in fact, I felt I needed to do something similar with our very own Ottawa Senators.

Like me, you might think the challenging part about creating something like this would be the graphic design, and that's where you'd be wrong. Indeed, I soon learned that the hard part would be to track down the origins of all our team's current players, be it from drafts, trades or even free agency. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the NHL Trade Tracker, which has a section dedicated entirely to keeping track of every single trade in Senators history. That's right, no foolin' around: they span all the way back to 1918! If you get a chance to check them out, definitely do, as they're an invaluable resource in hockey trade debates. As for drafts, I relied on our trusty Wikipedia, which has a page logging all the Senators' draft picks since 1992 (yeah, the trade tracker sets the bar pretty high...). Wikipedia also came in handy when looking up individual players, so I have to doubly thank the Free Encyclopedia.

The way the roster map works is pretty straightforward. The players listed are all the players having played at least one game with the big club this season, as well as a few extras who may feature later down the road (Stone, Petersson, Hoffman & Maidens, who was mainly included because he was part of the Fisher trade). For the full list of players included, along with their origins, here's the document I used to create the map. Now, when you check out the roster map, you'll notice all the current Senators are listed in all caps as subway stations along the red line. Stemming from each player is the player we had to give up in order to get him. So, for example, in the bottom-left corner, you can see that we acquired Anderson by trading away Elliott.

And... that's it! It's really that simple. Now go enjoy your guide to the 2013-2014 Ottawa Senators! And if mine isn't enough, ek65 created his own version as well. Go check it out too!


Click here for a high-resolution version

Oh... and does anyone know how we acquired Boston's third-round pick in 2006 (which was used to draft Gryba)?

EDIT: The pick was apparently compensation for the Bruins hiring Peter Chiarelli. Thanks Peter & BobbyKelly!

EDIT 2: If anyone follows soccer, I also made something similar for Juventus.

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