NHL 12: The #SensBloggerClassic Simulated

Note, the following results come from a simulation I ran and will be nowhere close to the actual results to the results of tonight's game. The goaltending won't be this competent.

Starting Line Ups (Twitter Accounts, follow them all if you haven't already. Mine too @ColdHardNeckar):

Team Mullet:

@SteveOnSens - @BonksMullet - @BringBackLee

@6thSens (Graeme Nichols) - @JoNana


@Sens_Army (Paul)- @Lon_Monster (Lonnie Nadler) - @BDJubes (Ben Juby)

@SensChirp - @SensCallUps (Johnny Canuck

Team Nation:

@SensNation - @BobbyBKelly - @DaveYoung

@SilverSevenSens (Peter Raaymakers) - @Geller18


@Grabovskeet (Nick Grabovskeet) - @PanofSCU - @SensVlog

@Senturion (Spencer Callaghan) - @Creecher1200

1st Period:

19:23 - Nichols winds up from the point and Young slides past him trying to block the shot. Eventually ends up on JoNana's stick and Pook makes a big save.

17:55 - Team Mullet Continues early pressure. Team Nation appears to be the real Ottawa Senators, shots 5-0 in favour of team Mullet.

16:02 - Good Chances Both ways sees Nation pick up their first two shots. Their 2nd line looks real good.

13:52 - First penalty of the game to Team Nation, Creech going to the box for high sticking.

13:50 - Right off the faceoff, @SteveOnSens takes a wrister through a crowd of people, @_pook can't pick it up and team Mullet takes the early lead. 1-0 Mullet

9:26 - Sustained Zone pressure from team Nation doesn't really do anyhting. Callaghan seemingly the strongest player so far for them.

8:38 - Team Mullet with more chances and again pook comes up big with two point blank saves.

4:53 - Team Nation exerting a physical advantage to no avail, still 1-0 down.

3:01 - The physicality finally pays off for Team Nation. A break is started from the defence, and a great stretch pass from Peter Raaymakers sends Grabovskeet to the races. He lays it off for Dave Young who nods the game up at 1.

:25 - Just before the period ends, poor rebound control by Pook leads to Lonnie Nadler getting the puck in front of the goal and in a shot that pook really should have saved, Team Mullet ends up with a 2-1 lead heading into the first intermission.

2nd Period:

19:36 - First chance of the second frame sees Bonks Mullet open in the slot only to be robbed by the glove of Pook.

17:05 - Mullet misses another chance in the slot, this time Condra'ing it as the shot goes wide.

16:44 - Team Nation gets their first opportunity on the powerplay as 2nd line winger Ben Juby gets called for hitting from behind on Nation defenseman Graham Creech

16:11 - Geller takes an unscreened slap shot from the point only to be denied by Chet Sellers' right post. Nation remains down 2-1.

14:44 - Even with a couple of very good chances for team Nation, team Mullet kills the penalty and stays in the lead.

13:47 - Pan of Sens Call Ups uses his muscle along the glass and comes around the net with a backhanded wrap around to score for team Nation and bring the game back on even terms. 2-2.

8:42 - Play stops as Ben Juby gets smashed into the glass by Nation Centre Bobby Kelly. The glass breaks and now we have to wait until the janitor gets here.

4:00 - For the first time in a while, team Mullet threatens to score. Pook comes up with three big saves as the game stays tied.

2nd Period Summary:

Significant improvement in the play from team Nation, both on offense and defense. In all they were unlucky to score more than one in the period. Expect team Mullet coach @Sens_adnan to scream at the team about their Corsi being too low and that they aren't Swedish.

3rd Period:

18:09 - After 2 minutes of being on the back foot, team Nation unleashes a vicious counter attack. Dave Young causes a rebound, which Chet sellers has not been controlling well, that falls right to SensNation who pots home the go ahead goal for team Nation. 3-2 Nation

14:11 - Pressure goes back and forth, nothing exciting happens. Adnan is still disappointed that @Steffe_G didn't fly over to ottawa to play in the game.

9:29 - The game is now breaking open, a turnover from SteveOnSens ends up on the stick of Geller and he skates through two team Mullet defenders before potting it home and giving team Nation a 4-2 lead.

3:53 - Sustained Zone Pressure sees a lot of shots on Chet Sellers, but no results. Still 4-2 Nation.

0:33 - SensVlog puts it away for team Nation as team Mullet concedes an empty net goal. A 5-2 lead now.

0:21 - PLOT TWIST. SteveOnSens scores his second of the game on a wrap-around, but its too little too late.

0:17 - A penalty sees the end of it all as Team Mullet's Canuck ends up in the sin bin.

0:00 - The end of the game sees Team Nation prevail 5-3 in the Battle of the Bloggers

3 Stars:

*** - Peter Raaymakers (3 assists)

** - Steve On Sens (2 Goals)

* - Geller 18 (1 Goal, 1 Assist, +5)

Goalie Stats:

Chet Sellers (38 Saves, .905 SV %, 4.01 GAA) - Pook (25 Saves, .893 SV %, 3.00 GAA)

Final Team Stats:

Nation - Mullet:

5 - Goals - 3

43 - Shots - 28

8 - Hits - 6

8:04 - TOA - 5:37

81% - Passing % - 75%

2:00 - PIM - 4:00

0/2 - PP% - 1/1

12 - Faceoffs Won - 26

What Can We Learn:

Absolutely nothing, this game was simulated and the rosters aren't even accurate to whats going to happen tonight. (@SensReporter and @Spalisek have been acquired by team Mullet and team Nation respectively). Also, multiply the scores by about 3 to get the realscores for tonights game, because the goalies won't be this competent. Probably. Game will take place at the Roy Mlacak Arena in Kanata at 9pm this evening.

I myself will be rooting for Team Mullet, who are you all looking to cheer for?

This FanPost was written by a member of the Silver Seven community, and does not necessarily reflect the beliefs or opinions of the site managers, editors, or Sports Blogs Nation, Inc.

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