All about a second pairing R shot Defense


So it occurred to me that I personally tend to go about things backwards: I look at who I'd like to trade off our team, and what we might be able to get for them.

Perhaps it would be beneficial to sit down and take a look at it the other way: what do we really need, and then have fun talking about whether the Sens would be willing to pay the cost to get him.

So I started with the premise that what we really need is a second R shot defenseman. Someone who can be a decent second power play option, someone who can allow EK to play a few less minutes, someone the coach can use to sit Karl down if he is not playing well that night, someone to cover in case he gets injured (banish the thought!)

Gonchar is gone (way too much $) and we surprisingly miss the steady, cheap Andre Benoit (12 pts 0+/-). Water under the bridge.

Our current internal candidates are few.

I think we can all agree that Joe Corvo and Eric Gryba might not be the answer -- both get exposed when more ice time is called for. Perfectly adequate bottom pairing D, but not for more minutes.

Nothing against Cody Ceci, but I think we can all appreciate the blessing of letting good young D develop in the minors. Could be ready half way through, could be ready next year, could be ready in 2 years, maybe better to work him in on the bottom pairing anyways. Hard to tell.

We also have learned this year the difficulties of guys playing their "wrong" side. We have an abundance of L shot D: Methot, Phillips, Cowan, Wiercioch, Borowiecki, but none have been able to establish success on the R side.

I wondered about Chris Wideman, 12 points , +1, 26 Pims, 5'10'' puck mover on Bingo, but, well, not a home run.

So here are my criteria: reasonably experienced R shot D. On a contract not longer than 2-3 years. 3-4 D level of play (i.e. not the team's #1 d and being paid 5M+ for 4 or 5 years), not on a team that is in "win now" mode, not playing for a team in our division, not coming off a first contract. And some sort of judgement "better than Corvo" i.e. 5 points 0+/-.

Here is the list

Marek Zidlicky 36 NJD: 25GP 3G10A13P -3 26PIM 3M cap UFA14

Derek Morris 35 PHX: 18GP 4/8/12 +4 4PIM 2.75cap UFA14

Tom Gilbert 30 FLA: 18 1/7/8 +3 6PIM 900k UFA14

WOW, I'm at Joe Corvo in the NHL sortable list and not seeing a whole lot more. Any more you can think of who fit the criteria?

I begin to see the problem. Who to give up for Derek Morris? Hmmm.

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