Defenders' numbers so far this season (from extra Plus a little Gryba

Corsi 5on5, season

Karlsson, 51.1%>Wiercioch, 49.9%>Methot, 49.5%>Gryba, 48.5%>Corvo, 48.4%>Cowen, 46.6%>Borowiecki, 44.9%

Defensive Zone Starts (as a percentage of time on ice)

Gryba 39.3%>Cowen 34.3%>Borowiecki 33.3%>Phillips 32.8%>Wiercioch 31.7%>Methot 30.6%>Corvo 29.7%>Karlsson 28.8%

Offensive Zone Starts

Corvo, 32.7%>Karlsson, 32.6%>Methot, 31.4%>Wiercioch, 31.0%>Phillips, 27.4%>Cowen, 26.5%>Gryba, 23.6%>Borowiecki, 19.8%

Quality of Competition (its a %, I have no idea how they calculate this)

Karlsson, 29.2%>Gryba, 28.8%>Cowen, 28.6%>Methot, 28.6%>Phillips, 28.4%>Wiercioch, 28.1%>Borowiecki,>27.9%>Corvo, 27.4%

Quality of teammates (%, again no idea how this is calculated)

Methot 28.8%>Karlsson 28.0%>Cowen 27.4%>Borowiecki, 27.0%>Gryba, 26.9%>Wiercioch, 26.7%>Corvo, 26.3%>Phillips, 26.0%

Now if you know me then you know that this is probably all about Gryba. And you are right, but in my defence he does keep on looking good in all the numbers, to wit:

Gryba has the 4th best Corsi despite 1)having by far the most defensive zone starts 2)having the second fewest offensive zone starts 3)playing against the second most difficult opposition 4)playing with the 5th worst teammates

If we remove Gryba's Corsi stats from the horrific Islanders game he played alongside Cowen (CF 12, CA 30) his overall Corsi would go from 48.5% to 51.8%, which would put him top of the pops amongst our defensemen.

Despite Gryba's good numbers we continue to run a defence corps with only one right-handed shot. Somehow Borowiecki, who is as one dimensional as they come, has surpassed Gryba on the depth chart even though he is a left-handed shot.

After leaning so heavily on Gryba last year MacLean seems to have relegated him to the doghouse. I have no idea why and the numbers don't explain it either. 5on5, whilst Gryba has been on the ice, we have scored 7 goals to the opposition's 4. In all situations with Gryba on the ice, which obviously includes his PK time, we still outscore the competition 8 to 7. I don't think that Gryba is the answer to all this team's problems but shoring up the right hand side with another natural right handed shot is desperately required. Having an intimidating presence on that side is also needed. Making Gryba a regular in the line-up is the first step we need to take to right this ship.

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