A Realistic Look At A Giroux Trading Scenario.

I will be blunt, I want him in a Senators uniform, he provides a clear successor to Jason Spezza and combined with Turris/Smith gives us a nice 1,2,3 at center for most of the next decade.

The last two years have produced two major star player trades of note; that of Bobby Ryan and that of Rick Nash. Any trade involving Giroux is expected to be in the same ballpark with the added hiccup of Giroux's large contract. NOTE: He does not have a no trade clause, or a limited movement clause according to capgeek.

The deal for Rick Nash was Anisimov, Dubinsky, Erixon and a 1st round pick in return for Nash, Delisle (now in ECHL) and a conditional third round pick. In essence it was Nash for a 2nd liner, an older prospect, a blue chip defence prospect and 1st round pick with a guaranteed contact of close to 8 years.

The Bobby Ryan trade was approximately the same in cost. Silfverburg (2nd liner), a blue chip prospect (Noeson) and 1st round pick with no guaranteed contract beyond 2 years. One has to guess, the lack of long-term contract was difference between the extra piece that Nash got.

So when it comes to acquiring Giroux, what would he take?:

A blue chirp prospect is a given and that leaves Lazar/Ceci/Puempel, though given his power forward type, Stone may be appreciated by the flyers. Given Ottawa's troubles on D, I doubt Ceci is on the trading block.

Michalek conceivably could go the other way, both for money and contract reasons (Ottawa would actually save money this year in trading him for Giroux).

Ottawa does not have a 1st rounder, but we do have goaltending prospects (one of Hammond/Dreidger/Brassard/Hogberg), it is very possible they would accept considering we are talking about the Flyers organization.

So with that you would have Michalek (High end 2nd liner, low end first liner), a blue chip and a middle round, but somewhat developed pick in the goaltending area, for Giroux, it still likely would not be enough.

A mid-level prospect or pick (Hoffman/Claesson/3rd-4th rounder) or a roster player (Greening/Gryba/Corvo) would likely be included as well.

So would you do Michalek, Puempel/Lazar/Stone...possibly Ceci, goalie prospect, miscellaneous piece for Giroux? Remember, this trade is market price.

And come on, wouldn't you do give up that for this?

Claude Giroux scores skillful shootout goal 3/28/13 (via NHL)

Or this

Claude Giroux dangles on breakaway 3/6/12 (via NHL)

Or finally this

Claude Giroux Score second Hat Trick of the Night on Flaury (4/13/12) (via PhilladelphiaFlyers)

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