EA Sports Hates the Senators

I love EA Sports' NHL franchise. I've had every game since 2002 and look forward to the new version every year.

But today, I am pissed.

"Why, Manny? Why are you so upset with the video game franchise you hold so dear to your heart?" You wonder.

Allow me to tell you why:

1) Goalie Masks:

Where do I even begin: The color scheme is completely off. The starting goalie mask is this awful gold-ish yellow color that doesn't even fit the team kit. The masks haven't been updated since 2007...yes, the same year we went to the Stanley Cup finals...yes, almost SEVEN years ago.

What does this mean? Oh, it means that the logos used on the red "backup" mask is the OLD SENATOR LOGO (creepy old Senator on the red swoop jerseys) along with the "S" logo that was shelved in 2007.

That's just ridiculous. You're trying to tell me, that in EIGHT (!) video games released since the 2007 season, that the genius' over at EA haven't bothered once to update goalie masks for Ottawa?

2) Fans:

It was a dark time in Senators history. It was the era of the SNES. While the jersey may have been retired and blocked out of our sight, NHL wants us to feel that pain once more. Littered throughout CTC you will find fans wearing that god awful SNES jersey.

This is probably a good time to point out that the jersey I'm talking about isn't even a wearable option for game play. I'm not saying I would ever want to use that jersey ever again but man, that's just messed up. That is the one jersey I associate with a dark time in Senators history and I have to see it during every home game I play.

Okay, maybe I'm overreacting here but seriously, how long can it take to make those kind of tweaks to a video game? Dallas already has new masks for their new look. San Jose got their goalie masks updated with their new jerseys. Yet the Senators are still stuck in 2007-2008 territory.

We all know, that's not a time in team history I constantly want to be reminded of.

/End rant. (God, I hate Mondays)

Please tell me some of you have noticed these discrepancies as well...

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