Silver Nuggets: The Team You Love to Hate

Dinks. - Harry How

The Ottawa Senators are lucky (unlucky?) to be stuck geographically between arguably the two biggest hockey markets in the world, and as such have formed some intense rivalries over the years. My question today is what is the team you love to hate?

Yesterday was all about fun loving nostalgia, looking back at the Senators of old that we all miss, some of whom we could really use on the present-day version of our favourite club. Overwhelmingly, it seems like the player most missed is Marian Hossa, which is great, because that's the correct answer (sorta kidding). ANYWAYS, brand-new user Wright Anomaly chimed in with a gem for their first comment, recapping most of the players who were mentioned, and providing the best answer to my question:

Blast from the past...

The Sens I really miss, and in some way still hope they do well, include; Fisher, Hossa, Chara, Kelly, Volchenkov, Havlat, Redden, Vermette, Salo & yes Heatley (dude scored goals…but is the one guy in my list I hope NEVER gets his name on the Stanley Cup).

Ranking my top 3, based on current performance and wanting them in our line-up today, in order would be; Chara, Hossa & Vermette

Today, we kick our sentiment to the curb and focus on the teams you hate the most.

The easy answers here are obviously the Maple Leafs and the Canadiens, so if they are your answer, try to pick another. So which team can you just not STAND?

Dave's Answer: For me, as much as I hated the Leafs in my early days, the fact that they have been so irrelevant for so long now that it is hard to drum up the hate I once had. Montreal was never a team I hated as much as the Leafs. I went through hating the Sabres and the Penguins most of all, but these days I cannot stand the Vancouver Canucks. Hate 'em. Watching them in the playoffs the last few years, they are whiny, slimy and just general dinks. I don't like them at all.

What about you?

Senators Links:

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  • MacLean speaks, Nichols transcribes. [6thSens]

League Links:

  • Only one worth linking: 30 Thoughts from yesterday. [CBC]

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