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Hi, I never post but I'm really interested in the opinion of the people on this site of a possible Parise - Suter happening to us as the beneficiaries. This may never happen or even see the daylight of possibility and is based off of pure speculation and homer-ism on my part. What are the chances that Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf both cut ties to the Heart of Orange County and leave the organization bleeding from its left atrium to sign with the general manager that started it all for them.

For those who didn't know of or were unsure of the tenure of Brian Murray's short but fairly successful run with Anaheim, he was the head coach of the then Mighty Ducks for only the 2001 season before being promoted to general manager the next year. (sound familiar?) Murray has proven to be a very strong drafter, being able to pluck the sweetest plums from the grape vine, I consider him a drafting wizard. Between an alright 02 Draft and an average 04 Draft, nestling in between the two years was the 03 Draft (no figure) where the Mighty Ducks selected Ryan Getzlaf 19th overall and used their 28th overall pick (from Dallas) to cop Corey Perry a then considered to be inconsistent and not a guaranteed 1st rounder.

Both of their contracts are up this year with a cap hit of 5.325 million and expecting raises. They are good friends as evident of their Gold medal videos at the NHL awards and being line mates. The chances of them deciding to both sign in the same place is reasonably high considering what I said above and how shopping for teams in pairs are becoming ever so prevalent in professional sports today. Both players are 27, have their birthdays in May and are from Canada. Corey Perry is from Peterborough, Ontario which is only a 3 hour drive from Ottawa, and Getzlaf is from Regina, Saskatchewan which is not 3 hours from Ottawa.

Of course when you're talking Canadian teams and Ontario most people will say Toronto. Why would they sign in Ottawa instead of Toronto? I personally feel Ottawa will have more playing cards to pull out from their sleeves to entice Perry and Getzlaf to Ottawa, more so Perry then Getzlaf. With Alfie's retirement, there will be a huge hole to the right wing. Getzlaf may be a stretch because of the depth of Ottawa's center position. Ottawa has ample cap space to provide them with the dollar amount they desire and a GM that helped both of them take off to where they are today. Also with the dismissal of Brian Burke in Toronto, there is no connection (that I'm aware off) between Toronto and any of these two players.

What will happen if they do sign in Ottawa? I highly doubt that Getzlaf will wander here all by himself considering 1C slot is already filled but there is a very strong possibility of Perry falling back into Murray's arms. If they both do sign in Ottawa (which I highly doubt) who will have to be moved out? It's tough to say now considering how well the team is doing but another question is who plays where? Toes are obviously going to be stepped on with three Top - 6 centers on one team and all being approaching or admit their prime. Also forwards aren't even the most pressing issue on this Ottawa line up, even with Cowen's return and Wiercoich's emergence Ottawa's defense is still not solid going in towards next year. Who will be traded from the bottom 6 along with prospects and picks to not only address the problems on defense but also to free up room to play?

Sure it may be a little premature to think of next year's free agency and the possibility of even one of them coming to Ottawa may be a long shot but it's fun to think about when you procrastinate school work or other stuff that you should be doing.

Side Notes:

  • Murray drafted a Brian Lee in the 3rd round. Hopes on finding some eerie resemblances has turned up strong with both being in the 6 ft range, from the US, and hailing from states starting with M's, small world eh?
  • Unlike his successful one year coaching stint with Ottawa which earned him a promotion, he was handed the general manager position with Anaheim after a dismal season with the Mighty Ducks ending with 29-42-8-3.
  • Murray also traded two second- rounders for the late first round pick to Dallas. He does this again with Ottawa more recently in the 2011 Draft but with Detroit. (Matt Puempel)
  • If they sign contract extensions before I wake up tomorrow I will be a little mad.

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