Silver Nuggets: Bingo Boys

Hey Zack, who are these young kids and why are they salivating at us?

They played the entire last season on the big club for the Senators, but they are still the Bingo Boys in my heart. Kaspars Daugavins, Colin Greening, Erik Condra and Zack Smith (Bobby Butler was one as well, but his ship has sailed). They did yeoman's work to bring the Calder Cup and some respect to the Bingo squad a few years ago, and they each earned shiny one-way contracts for their efforts.

The Bingo Boys then played a big role in helping the Senators get to the post season last year. Zack Smith was a huge force on the third line, especially early in the season where he added some much needed secondary scoring and grit before tapering off at the end of the year. Greening played big minutes on the top line and nearly became a 20 goal scorer as a rookie. He provided size, skill and speed to the top line and wasn't afraid to go to the front of the net to score goals, either at even strength or on the powerplay.

Erik Condra and The Rooster both played a vital role in not only keeping the penalty kill respectable, but also allowing Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson to conserve their energy for offensive situations, because they no longer had to carry the load.

Each of these players has earned the trust of Paulrus and Daugavins recently received yet another contract. They play minutes effectively, if not in a flashy manner, and they contribute in their own way. But what does the future hold for these guys? Are they in the long term plans of the organization? Smith is the youngest of the bunch and likely will be in Ottawa for some time, but the others aren't very young, and the organization has players like Mark Stone and Stefan Noesen who will be chomping at the bit to take spots from the Bingo Boys.

So what does the future hold for them? Look forward to your thoughts.


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