What is OUR economic footprint on the Senators/NHL?

OK, so while reading today's Nuggets, I was inspired by a post by Hawdon00

He suggested we hit them in the pocketbook, and that we, the fans are the ones who are truly hurt by the near-inevitability of a lockout.

It got me thinking... how much do we, as a blog-limited fan base spend on the Senators each year?

For example... I buy a new jersey every couple years. They average $150 a piece, so that works out to roughly $75 a season on jerseys. Also, I buy ALL KINDS of swag... I have a Sens lighter holder, a Sens zippo, Sens blankets, pyjamas, slippers, t-shirts, toys and about 12 Sens hats. And that's not counting the stuff I buy my son. If had to put a price tag on the Sens' gear I buy (not counting jerseys) throughout an average year, I'd say it is probably at least another $300.

Now... I live in the Toronto area, and can't get back home to Ottawa nearly as often as I would like, especially in the winter. However, I do attend at least two games a year... sometimes many more than two. When I go, I usually buy a ticket for my son and father as well. We all know how expensive that can be. I usually buy tickets in the $120 - $130 range. Times that by three, and you're looking at around $460-$490... a minimum of twice a year, and I'm up to close to a thousand dollars. Then, you have to add in parking. A ridiculous $20 a pop... or something like that (again, twice a year, at least.) And, once you're there, you've got a few beer, a coke for the kid, some hotdogs, egg rolls, etc, and you can easily tack on an additional $100 on miscellaneous in-game spending... x2.

So, let's do the math, shall we? In an average year, I spend a bare minimum of $1600 on Senators-related items and activities. And I live WAY outside the area. If I lived closer, I would spend substantially more on the home games. Now, I realize that I AM a die-hard Senators fan, and that I will never stop spending this money on the team I've loved so much, since their inception. The thing is, there are years when I spend a LOT more than this $1600 on Sens' gear / swag / tickets, etc.

What I would like to know is how much our one little hockey blog community drops annually on the Sens and the NHL.

You've got my number... $1600 on an average year.

What's your number?

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