Silver Nuggets: All-Time Sens Series: The Centres

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With the lockout hanging over our heads like a sad sad fog, I decided (with the help of Peter) to come up with a new series, a more fun series to take our minds off of our troubles. With that, I present the All-Senators Series. Today, we will take a vote on the best centres to ever play for the team.

Jason Spezza: He has certainly been the best on the team in the last several years, and now he is the team's best player. He sits second all-time on the team in points with 616 and is at 1.01 points per game, second behind only Dany Heatley's tenure.

Alexei Yashin: I know I know, I hate him too, but he is the next logical choice. Third all time in points, Yashin's points per game with the Senators is only 0.03 behind Jason Spezza's, and he played on some significantly worse teams. His exodus from the team, and his contract situations are a huge black mark on his legacy here, but there is no denying Yashin was one of the team's first superstars.

Radek Bonk: Interestingly enough, Bonk is 5th all time in points scored by a Senator. While there is no comparison in points per game between Radek and the two above him, Radek was also a very responsible defensive player who was instrumental in killing penalties as well as providing scoring.

Mike Fisher: The Mark Parisi sentimental choice. Mike Fisher bled for this hockey team, he put up points, and was nominated for a Selke Trophy. While he never put up the offensive numbers that the others did, he is still 8th all time in Senators scoring. The reason you would vote for Mike? The definition of best all time Senator. If you look at community involvement and the other things Mike did, maybe he embodied what it means to be an Ottawa Senator better than the rest.

Sens News:

  • Sens plan to call up Cody Ceci and Stefan Noesen in the event that the lockout ends. [TSN]
  • Erik Karlsson will be suiting up in Finland this year for the duration of the lockout. [SSS] [6thSens]
  • Bobby with an amazingly thorough preview of the Baby Sens. This is a must read. [SSS]
  • Milan Michalek is still recovering from surgery, and as such, is still being paid by the Senators. Milan in the middle indeed. [SensExtra]
  • Edit: Mark here. User dzuunmod shares this link, showcasing the Senators' unused 20th anniversary logo. It's so much better than what they went with instead. Leave it to Sens Marketing to get it wrong even when they get it right. [Icethetics]
League News:
  • Funny YouTube video titled "Things You Won't Hear During the Lockout" [YouTube]
  • Allan Panzeri tells us of Claude Giroux's plan to play overseas for the remainder of the lockout. [SensExtra]
  • Daily "this is what hockey stories look like in the lockout" link. [PD]
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