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You owe your fame to Gary Bettman

When I put together yesterday's post lamenting on the lockout, I added the poll at the end to judge optimism amongst the group. The results were more than a little depressing. Even with five options, more than 40% of you said that you thought the entire 2012-2013 season would be wiped out. And really, who can blame you?

There is not much reason for optimism either. The two sides are still quite divided and seem more interested in a PR war than in making an actual deal, which is very frustrating. No formal talks have been scheduled since the lockout came into effect. Last time, negotiations were put off for 3 months once the lockout was official. And what can we do about it? Nothing. We just suffer and wait.

In the meantime, we have to fill our time somehow. Junior hockey should be as good as it can be without players like Huberdeau being able to play in the NHL and the AHL should benefit from players like Jared Cowen and the Edmonton Oiler's young guns. Hockey isn't the only way to cope with the lack of hockey though. The last lockout saw a huge increase in the popularity of Texas Hold'em Poker. Maybe you will get into the NBA? The NFL has already had two very exciting weeks, and I know some of our readers are big Soccer fans. Maybe you'll take up a new hobby, like knitting?

Or maybe you will cry in your room until our game comes back.

Let us know how you plan to pass the time until the greedy owners and stubborn players let us watch our game again!

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Sens News:

  • As Peter told you folks this morning, Jason Spezza will be playing this season in the Swiss League for the length of the lockout. [SSS]
  • Here is the original story on the subject from Steffe G [6thSens]
  • Apparently we could still be seeing Senators players in some charity games this season. [SensExtra]
  • Milan Michalek, who just underwent surgery, hopes to skate this week. [SensExtra]
  • Here we go with the most annoying of lockout stories: One fan "WHO HAS HAD ENOUGH" [SensExtra]
  • In more positive news, Brian Kilrea is feeling better and has some thoughts on how to fix the NHL's problem. [Warren]
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