BM's Legacy...

This has to be one of the most pressing issues for our team moving forward.

Play the year - lockout.....its all the same in terms of conseqence. With a lockout, we will miss seeing what we could be this year. We could lose a year - lose Alfie, and more. Not much BM can do about this.

Nothing left on the plate by Muckler...but for BM to walk away from this team will be hard. I would find it difficult to imagine anyone has hard feelings towards BM- league wide. In his time as GM, he has produced some of the finest teams the NHL has iced.

Moving towards a lockout, certainly, the owner and the players on this team should be happy with what BM has done for them.

I was looking forward to this year, but with another lockout looming - Man! So much work for nothing. Draining the steam from a train is one thing - takes no time; try to build it up again. Time and money. We are on the better side of talent, and money

I was just thinking - going into, and coming out of, a lockout situation - BM has done us well and proud. I can imagine some teams champing at the bit, desperate to produce now, with little future to considerations.

Our team has been well prepared to go into a new season; even a year from now we will compete and make the playoffs. So here is the question. BM walks away now - considering all things, how should we consider him.

I mean, as much as people here might not like to hear that Jacques Martin was the best coach we ever had, how about BM as best GM?

Two years from now - with no lockout - we could be poised as one of the most important teams moving forward. Two years from now, with a lockout, we should be considered to be in the top 6 best developed teams - poosed to emerge...and on the verge of a total collapse, without proper guidance and vision.

Thank you BM for your work - and I cant wait to see the Oilers and the Send in the 2015 Stanley cup...

Maybe thats crazy talk...but for the sake of discussion, really, if there is a lockout for a year, where will be be?

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