Silver Nuggets: Which is More Likely Series: Spezza vs Karlsson

Ottawa Senators Leadership Convention: Candidate Debates

Yesterday I somehow managed to get away from close WIMLs and served one up that was quickly out of hand. I asked whether you thought the Edmonton Oilers would make the playoffs sooner than the New York Islanders, and roughly 80% of you thought that would be the case, favouring the big name young guns they have up front. DA Sens tells us why Oilers was the better choice!

I voted for the Oilers

No only because of all their young guns coming up in the next few years, but I see their division getting weaker while the Islanders division just keeps getting stronger.

I Calgary falling off the map soon. Colorado is a mess. The Wild will be screwed under the new cap system. And the Nucks had their window.

On the flip side, the Rangers, Penguins and Flyers are in their Stanley Cup windows. Jersey had their shot last season. At least three of these teams will have to fall before the Islanders get a sniff of the post-season. How long in Tavares’ contract? (that’s their window)

Today we look at Jason Spezza and Erik Karlsson, the heirs apparent to the Alfie Throne (I picture something like the Iron Throne, but with old Easton Synergys and Stealths instead of swords and the crown is obviously a JOFA). Alfie will not be around forever, and the succession of leadership is important. Today we look at that, and here is my question:

Which is more likely to happen FIRST? Jason Spezza becomes Captain of the Ottawa Senators OR Erik Karlsson becomes an assistant captain?

Spezza: The last few years has resulted in a wicked transformation in Jason. With the exiling of several veterans and the increase of young players, Spezza found himself in a position of true leadership and he has grabbed it. He is very likely the next long-term captain of the Sens, but will we see a year (or two) of no captain after Alfie leaves? Or a gap year where Chris Phillips wears the C?

Karlsson: Still a very young player, but when Alfie leaves, the reigning Norris champ will take over as the face of the franchise. With several young players on the team being Swedish and Karlsson having lived here and played here for a while, he is in a position to be a mentor. Will he see an A? Eventually. But will Milan Michalek or someone else get it first?

*Note: I understand the very real possibility of these happening at the same time, but you have to pick ONE!


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