Silver Nuggets: Which is More Likely Series: Detroit vs LA

Primed for a hangover?

Yesterday was an exciting WIML for me, because for the first time, I finally was able to provide a scenario that was nearly 50-50. I asked who was more likely to outscore the other: Colin Greening or Jakob Silfverberg. At times, Greening was leading, at other times Silfver was. At one point last night, with 180 votes cast, the voting was 90-90, and I was unsure what I'd do in the event of a tie. Luckily I was spared, and as of the time of this writing, Jakob Silfverberg is winning by 6 whole votes, with 51% of the vote. New user "heybeerguy" put it EASILY the best (because most of you clowns just said "...uhhh because he's SILFVER! DUH!):

Voted Silfverberg

Despite the lack of NA experience, I still think Silfverberg is closer to being a bona fide top-6 NHL forward than Greening is. Greens benefited from playing on a not-yet-rebuilt team last season and with the addition Latendresse I think that regular shifts alongside Spezza, Michalek, Alfie and Turris will become harder to come by on a consistent basis for the Soylent One.

Love that comment.

Today we go back to the league as a whole and we travel to the Western conference, something that we haven't yet done. We will look at the eternally (?) great Detroit Red Wings and the reigning Cup champs! Here is today's question!

Which is More Likely? That the Detroit Red Wings miss the playoffs for the first time in 22 years OR that the Los Angeles Kings win the Pacific Division?

Detroit: The defence that has been the glue for the Red Wings in recent years is now held by Nicklas.... Kronwall. While he's a fine top-4 defenceman, he's no number 1. The famed depth of the Red Wings is not what it once was either, and they have an aging team. Now that Lidstrom is gone, and other teams in the West have improved, is this the year the streak ends?

LA: The reigning Cup champs played in the closest division in hockey last year, with the leads changing constantly. The Sharks have a team that is consistently competitive and Dave Tippett knows how to ice a strong team. Dallas should be improved from last year as well. With the usual "cup hangover" teams face... will LA be able to lock up the Pacific?

Which is more likely!?


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League News
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