Silver Nuggets: Which is More Likely Series: Stone vs Ceci

Tim Murray's internal thoughts... "you know, this kid here could land us Bobby Ryan...."

Yesterday we looked at two teams who have a shot at winning division titles, the Carolina Hurricanes and the Pittsburgh Penguins and asked which of these two would be more likely to accomplish the feat. With about 65% of the vote (which shocked me) the readers have chosen to go with the revamped Hurricanes. There were many good comments made on both sides, but the best was made by The Tif:

Voted Carolina

1) SE is a toss up. WAS could be good, so could Tampa, but who knows. They have two settings: win the Cup or be awful.

2) Pittsburgh has more competition, plus if Crosby is out again, they’re in trouble without Staal.

There you have it, short and sweet.

Today we are back looking at the Senators, and I go back to the Parisi well of good ideas. For the first time, we put this format to the test by putting two scenarios up that will make you want to scream NEITHER DAVID YOU JERK! Without further ado:

Which is more likely? That Mark Stone is traded in the next 5 years OR that Cody Ceci is.

: Has already been asked for by GMs around the league (allegedly) when Bryan Murray has been trying to make his deals. He was unknown when the Senators drafted him, but after a couple big WHL seasons and a dominating performance at the World Juniors for Canada, teams know how valuable he can be. Thing is, so does Bryan Murray.

Ceci: Our most recent draft pick, Ceci is already a darling of the media because he is an Ottawa born boy and a current Ottawa '67. The Senators are thin on quality defensive prospects, and that facilitated the need to draft a player like Ceci. Ceci projects to be a strong puck mover with solid size, and that kind of player is always in demand by GMs.

Remember, while neither of these is particularly likely, the game is to pick which one is MORE likely.


Links after the jump.

Sens News:

  • Even though they spell his name incorrectly, this Smith Falls paper tells its readers that Mark Borowiecki will be attending the Smith Falls Bears season ticket drive. Mark played for the team once upon a time. [EMC]
  • An article on the official site where they sit down with Robin Lehner and talk to him about when his time will be. [Sens]
  • Player spotlight on Erik Karlsson. [Sens]
  • The Hockey News picks Ottawa to finish 8th in the East this coming season. [THN]
League News
  • Really excellent Michael Grange article that talks about how the NHLPA proposal was not as friendly as the rest of the media have made it out to be. [Sportsnet]
  • As such, Gary Bettman did what we all knew he would, he rejected the proposal. This really sucks as a fan. [CBC]
  • NHL players are already preparing for the worst, as Rick Nash and Joe Thornton are apparently getting ready to play in Switzerland in the event of a lockout. [PD]
  • Wayne Simmonds signs a 6-year extension to stay with the Flyers. [NHL]
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