Silver Nuggets: Which is More Likely Series: The "After Karlsson" Edition

Hey, at least Alex can say he never did something that Erik Karlsson has done.

Mark nailed it on Friday and had some fun with you guys with a hilarious question as to which player was more likely to have a TSN pun headline in their likeness: Marc Methot or Bobby Butler. With 56% of the vote (one of the closest yet) you, the people have spoken, and there is a Methot to your choosing.

User High Priest of Alfie said it short and sweet and left us with a thought of what might have been:

Voted Methot

It’s way, way to easy to find silly puns for Methot than Butler.

It’s too bad they’ve never played on the same team. Butler feeding Methot with a goal could easily become the Butler Methot.

Today we look at high scoring d-men in the league not named Erik Karlsson. I thought about including Erik in our poll, but I think our hometown bias (and him being the best choice) would have made the poll a slaughter. So instead we will look at the "after Karlsson" d-men. Today's question is this: (featuring our first 3-way WIML!)

Which is More Likely? That Kris Letang finishes second in d-men scoring OR Alex Pietrangelo does OR Brian Campbell does?

Letang: Arguably the only defenceman in the league who is as good as Karlsson in terms offensive prowess and flow. He also has what Karlsson does not: Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin (among others) to feed the puck to on a nightly basis. Can he stay healthy enough to put up big numbers?

Pietrangelo: Took a while to arrive (compared to other d-men in his draft year) but last season was a coming out party for Alex. He was an absolute machine for the St. Louis blues and this former WJC star for Canada is just warming up.

Campbell: Was second in points the whole season last year on an upstart Panthers team before Dustin Byfuglien (who is more of a forward, hence not in this poll) passed him in the final days of the season. As that Florida team continues to grow, can Campbell continue to put up solid numbers?

What say you?


Sens News:

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  • Lastly, I had to triple-check that Ryan Lambert wrote this article, not only was it totally civil, but he praises Erik Karlsson twice and the Sens as an organization. [PD]

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