BM's summer vacation

Here is the way I see it.

The main body of our team, at this point, consists of certain franchise quality “immovables”. I mean, if we moved these guys, feathers would be ruffled.

Spezza C

Neil R

Turris C

Alfredsson R

Karslsson D

Phillips D

Anderson G

There are many holes in this lineup. Of course we have the means to fill the gaps internally, but considering our needs, it is hard to argue how the rest could not be somehow changed into something else. Going into next year I would be happy to see

Michalek L

Foligno L

Carkner D

Kuba D

Smith C

Greening L

Bishop G

And for the money

Konopka C

But, if not…Hmm. Really, as much as I love all of our guys, we have holes in our roster and dead weight in our system. We have current fan favourites, and a stable full of talent and future considerations. We have cap space and a draft coming up. There is so much to be considered.

We could easily ice a team that could make us all happy. I would cheer for this team until I was blue in the face. So many bad teams have had fans – paying fans. However, if we don’t want to wind up like some fans – confused and delusional. What we need now, and with so much at stake, is a team that can win – a team that can contend for the cup.

There are many prominent names missing from these lists, but what can you do. I am happy to cheer for our team, but if we want a cup…. Wow! so many decisions to be made. I thought we were leading the league in terms of a rebuild, but LA has now shown this to be otherwise. They brewed some talent, rebuilt, but signed, and traded for some big talent, and now. Wow.

If we could where LA is now - in five years…three years…next year. Why not? There are so many possibilities for this team – and every NHL team. I think BM can get this done. I hear so much talk about our prospects, but really, we are not an NHL farm team – let someone else develop talent. There are so many free agents that are not so free - and a draft.

Let’s not get beat at our own game of the rebuild. The key is to be smart, and get the upper hand in any deal. I am curious to see what BM does in terms of FA’s and at the draft, and with moves in general. I think we have a lot to offer, and a lot we need, if we are going to properly contend for the cup in the near future. I am sure it can be done. I am sure, with the right people in place, the Canadians and the Leafs could beat us to it. PLEASE GOD - DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN - Let’s take the upper hand in this rebuild. Of course all of this is easier said than done.

Alex, I will take " What will BM do?" for a thousand. Lest make this a true daily double.

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