Alfie: "The kids want me to continue."

This is a translation from an interwiew with Alfie in the Swedish newspaper Expressen yesterday, made by Magnus Nyström.

When I see Daniel Alfredsson's smile, two thougts crosses my mind:

Tre Kronor captain will lift the World Cup trophy in Helsinki May 20

Ottawa Senators captain will NOT quit after this season...

MN: The first thing I said when I met Daniel Alfredsson here at the World Championships were:

Thank you for still going on - you make me feel young.

DA: - Many have said that I do. That's funny that I can help with that, haha.

MN: And now you're in the position where you can be criticized by a former team mate on the radio (Swedish National

Radio expert Magnus Arvedson are former teammates in Ottawa), I said.

DA: - Yes, it's a little different now. When I met Petr Nedved after a workout recently, I went back and thanked

him for being on the Czechs team in the World Cup. That way, I do not have to be the oldest.

All of us who have become old men do of course think it's pretty cool that 39-year-old Daniel Alfredsson is still

absolutely world-class hockey player.

DA: - I had some surgery done on my back last summer and it went very well. I have been able to skate better,

have not been in pain. I have played in all situations and it's been a really fun season.

World Cup games were given, for Alfredsson.

DA: - I met Mårts (Team Sweden coach) after a game in New York earlier this season. I said, I feel like playing

the World Cup.

MN: - How much of Pär Mårts merit is it you're here?

DA: - It is a part of it, absolute. I like what Mårts stands for and how he wants hockey to be played.

The eternally young Alfredsson is also the perfect captain for Tre Kronor.

I thought first that Henrik Zetterberg would have the C on his jersey, but he may have it in the Sochi Olympics in two


This World Cup team will be Alfredsson's team. His intense longing for his first world championship gold medals

and his happy mood is contagious, of course, on the rest of the squad.

His joy of playing together with "the little boys" Calle "IronHook" and Jakob Silfverberg is almost touching to see.

MN: -Could it be that Mårts does Ottawa a favor when he lets you and Silfverberg play together, because Silfverberg

is to play in Ottawa next season and thinking about that might make you want to continue?

It was great to see Daniel Alfredsson's reaction when I asked this.

DA: - Hehe. I do not know. It's very fun to play with Silfverberg. He will be great in Ottawa next year and he's

better than I was when I came to the NHL. It's very fun to play with the younger players coming up. As I did with

Erik Karlsson, since he came to the NHL.

And my kids want nothing more than that their old man continues.

When I caught Erik Karlsson on the run, he directly said "no way, Alfredsson can´t quit".

- No, he can not do that. And see how he likes it here. He smiles all the time, said Karlsson.

Then it was as if he realized what he said and quickly became "politically correct".

- Alfredsson will of course take the decision he wants to - blah blah blah.

Not even Karlsson - the hockey world's greatest self-confidence - is to tell the captain Alfredsson what to do.

But when I countered with Daniels own children pester him to continue.

Karlsson smiled again and said:

- We nag them all in Ottawa. Of course we want him to continue.

Daniel is the father of four boys and the eldest, Hugo, has said that his father should continue to play until the

youngest, William, understand what Dad is doing.

DA:- But William is just one year. So we'll see. I will decide this summer. I want time to myself after the season

to think about it. I still think hockey is fun, but do I have the motivation to do summerpractice again, to have a

pre-season and a long season with all trips and nights at the hotel? I do not know.

- Then I want to spend more time with family. I miss a lot going on at home.

But when he had said the above, then he said again that "the kids want me to continue."

So I think we can all be hopeful.

That Alfredsson and Silfverberg plays in the same line, even in autumn.

But first, they´ll win the World Championship together.

It was fun to see when a Finnish journalist walked up to Daniel Alfredsson after Team Sweden practice yesterday

and wanted to talk about the medal battle.

Daniel Alfredsson looked my colleague in his eyes, hard, and said:

- I hope we will meet Finland in the final.

Alfredsson did not smile when he said it.

It did not make the Finnish reporter smile either.

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