"Dream Team" you say?

Alright, with the emergence of elite prospects, free agency and the draft, Ottawa's line up could look drastically different next year. My question to you is: what would your "Dream Team" (within reason) look like? I've thought about this one and over the year I've become attached to players like Winch, Anacondra, JOB or the Baby Elephant so they're harder to let go for me. My team would look something like this:

Michalek (4.333M)-Spezza(7M)-Parise(6.25M)
Silfverberg(0.9M)-Turris(1.4M)-Alfredsson (4.875M)
Greening(0.817M)-Z. Smith (0.7M)-Foligno(2M)

Carle (4M)-Karlsson (6M)
Gonchar (5.5M)-Cowen (1.265M)
Phillips(3.08M)-Borowiecki (0.61M)

Anderson (3.188M)
Bishop (0.65M)

With an overall cap hit of 56.147M -- Well below cap. (source: Capgeek)

I'm undecided on Foligno. While I know he's going to be resigned because Murray already challenged him to show that he's a Top-6 forward.. I don't think he is. I doubt he'll be satisfied playing a third line grinding role forever. I like the energy he brings to the team, but not his reputation. You could flip a coin on Foligno for me: on one hand, we get a great, talented player... on the other we get great return contributing to the rebuild.

Though, I do like the idea of signing Suter, I like the idea of signing Parise (for 6 million) better as he brings a whole lot more to the team in my opinion and committing to two superstars could affect how we resign the stars we actually drafted. The Carle-Karlsson pairing has a dual meaning to me: One, I like Carle and I think he would compliment Karlsson well. Two, if (Heaven forbid) Bob Cole announces another Ottawa game, could you imagine the struggle that would ensue due to a Carle-Karlsson pairing?

Letting Zibanejad and Stone develop even further in the AHL for a year, then re-evaluating them again next year would do them great good, I think.

What would YOUR team look like?

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