Turris, Rundblad, Tarasenko

Before anything, only one of the 3 players is a full time Nhler so it's impossible to compare them with any accuracy and this is not about finding out who is the best player. It's just about analyzing different scenarios.

3 reasons inspired me this:

- The New York Islanders are desperate to get a young puck moving defenceman that would complement the aging Mark Streit and be an upgrade on Andrew Macdonald. They are determined to add that player before the beginning of next season since they feel a that top end defensive talent is: ''One of the few missing pieces'' in order for them to make the playoffs and compete. Guess who they are really high on...? David Rundblad. They are willing to give Michael Grabner and 1st round draft pick to Phoenix in return for Rundblad.

- I was having fun a month ago, checking on different sites and blogs who are the top prospects currently not in NHL. It was highly entertaining but 2 things popped in my face each time, Mika Zibanejad was often in the top 10 and Vladimir Tarasenko always in the top 3 and more than often first.

- I loved David Rundblad so much during his time in Ottawa that I wanted to understand the trade and try to figure out what his value is.

I remember that saturday night when Don Maloney said on hockey night in Canada that Kyle Turris was not being traded and that he was a big piece of the Coyotes future. My first reaction was: ''Gosh! I wish we had a player like that on our roster''. I'm a huge Detroit fan (of course after the Sens) and I remembered last year playoffs when Turris was an absolute beast and was arguably the best player for Phoenix when the got sweeped by the Red Wings. I was drooling when the contract hold out thing happened earlier this year and I was ready to sacrifice about anyone on the Sens roster to get Kyle Turris. I didn't even worried about the Heatley-like tendancies of the guy because I knew how great he could be as a hockey player. I never ever thought we would be able to snag Turris, I mean the guy was drafted 3rd overall and has the potential to be a franchise player and a number 1 center. By getting him, we would fast foward our rebuilding plan of at least 2 years.

So, the 17 december 2011 when I got on and I read the headline: ''Kyle Turris traded to the Sens'', I was hysterical it took me at least 5 minutes to settle and realize I wasn't dreaming. Then I opened the whole article and the bubble bursted. 'Rundblad!? No no no no'. I was in state of shock because I thought our defense corp was seriously being backward. Then I saw the second round pick we added and all of the sudden that was a terrible trade and I was ready to claim the head of Bryan Murray. Time has gone by and I put water in my wine. I'm a bit less biased now but I still think we gave away a heck of hockey player in David Runblad. He has the size, the smooth skating and the offensive flair that lack Erik Karlsson, and that gave us a fair comparison to Jake Gardiner.

However, what surprised me most was that we gave away that secound round pick so easily because currently Sens top prospects Robin Lehner and Jakob Silfverberg were second round picks and with the way Murray, Dorion and compagny have been drafting and this year depth at the draft, I think we could have grabbed another good prospect. Turris must be even better than I though he was.

We haven't traded Vladimir Tarasenko for David Rundblad, we traded a first round draft pick that turned out to be Vladimir Tarasenko, so if we had kept that pick, we might have not drafted him. Even if Tarasenko is considered by many like the best non-Nhl prospect, and one of the league next superstar, I think that was a good move to trade our that draft pick that year for David Rundblad because the Swedish defenseman at this point have proven more at different levels and most of all, because I think we wouldn't have been able to grab Kyle Turris with Vladimir Tarasenko or whosever else we would have drafted. Phoenix wanted David Rundblad because they are a defensive minded team that they build from the back end. The swedish puck mover brings another dimension to their blue line and will eventually be an intregral part of one of the best blue line of the league.

That's where the Rundblad trade hurts, the Sens blue line is aging, and if you look at some good teams blue line, you'll notice, 2, 3 good young defensemen in the lineup and 2, 3 others waiting on the wings to jump in. Gryba, Borowiecki and Wiercioch are all good but none of them have the potential of Rundblad. A Karlsson/Rundblad combo would have gave us a Pietrangelo/Shattenkirk, Yandle/Ekman-Larsson or Mcdonagh/Del Zotto type of defensive combo and we have Jared Cowen too so our top 3 on defense would have been locked up for a foreseeable future. With Gonchar gone sooner than later and the incertaincy surrounding Kuba, I think that Rundblad would have been a great replacement to run the Sens blue line on the power play.

We gave up a great prospect in Rundblad but what we got in exchange is huge too. I wanted to see Turris play a couple of playoffs games before posting this because I wanted to see if he could repeat his fantastic performances of last year and it's so far, so good. You can tell Kyle's a clutch player. Even with the mediocre year he had in Phoenix last year, he came alive in the playoffs. He's been good for us this year but I think the best is coming. He is the kind of player any organization would want come playoff. I have faith in Turris and I think he has the ceiling to be an elite first line center in this league. If I'm right and that's the case, we stealed one from Phoenix, but even then, the Coyotes would not be on the loosing side because even if Rundblad has played only 30 games in the big league, many teams would be willing to give a key roster player to snag him, and that speaks alot about his value. That's why I think the key of that trade will be the player the second round pick we gave to the Coyotes turns out to be but you know... we are not about to find out who of St. Louis, Phoenix or Ottawa is the true winner of those trades yet.

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