2002-2006 Ottawa Senators Draft History

This could easily be taken as a "let's see how much Muckler screwed up" kind of post, but I really just did this because I was curious myself. I used HockeyDB to go through the Ottawa Senators Draft History from 2002-2006 (ie: the Muckler years), and listed all of his picks. I was going to go through and see where all the traded picks went, but that may be for another post if anyone is interested. I went through and selected + 3 picks around the ones that the Sens chose, and picked out the ones that were significant (which was around 100 + NHL games).


1st Round: 16th overall - Jakub Klepis
- picked 13th overall - Alex Semin
- picked 14th overall - Chris Higgins
- picked 17th overall - Boyd Gordon
- picked 18th overall - Denis Grebeshkov

2nd round: 47th overall - Alexei Kaigorodov
- picked 44th overall - Matt Greene

3rd round: 75th overall - Arttu Luttinen

4th round: 113th overall - Scott Dobben
- picked 116th overall - Pat Dwyer

4th round: 125th overall - Johan Bjork

5th round: 150th overall - Brock Hooton

8th round: 246th overall - Josef Vavra

9th round: 276th overall - Vitaly Atyushov

Notes: This draft was an absolute gongshow, not just for Ottawa, but for many NHL teams. Wow.


1st round: 29th overall - Patrick Eaves
- picked 28th overall - Corey Perry
- picked 33rd overall - Loui Eriksson

2nd round: 67th overall - Igor Mirnov
- picked 68th overall - JF Jacques
- picked 69th overall - Colin Fraser

3rd round: 100th overall - Philippe Seydoux

4th round: 135th overall - Mattias Karlsson
- picked 132nd overall - Kyle Quincy

5th round: 142nd overall - Tim Cook

5th round: 166th overall - Sergei Gimayev
- picked 163rd overall - Brad Richardson
- picked 168th overall - Marc Methot
7th round: 228th overall - Will Colbert
- picked 227th overall - Jay Rosehill

8th round: 260th overall - Ossi Louhivaara
- picked 263rd overall - Matt Moulson

9th round: 291st overall - Brian Elliott
- picked 288th overall - David Jones

Notes: If only Murray was our GM back then, we'd have Corey Perry (maybe), or Loui Eriksson. Other than that, the Sens missed out on Jacques/Fraser, which isn't that big. I guess they could've chosen the Ottawa native, Methot, as well, but Muckler loves his Russians..


1st round: 23rd overall - Andrej Meszaros
- picked 20th overall - Travis Zajac
- picked 21st overall - Wojtek Wolski
- picked 25th overall - Rob Schremp
- picked 26th overall - Corey Schneider

2nd round: 58th overall - Kirill Lyamin
- picked 56th overall - Nicklas Grossman
- picked 60th overall - Brandon Dubinsky
- picked 61st overall - Alex Goligoski

3rd round: 77th overall - Shawn Weller
- picked 75th overall - Tim Brent
- picked 79th overall - Clayton Stoner

3rd round: 87th overall - Peter Regin

3rd round: 89th overall - Jeff Glass
- picked 91st overall - Alex Edler

4th round: 122nd overall - Alex Nikulin
- picked 119th overall - Kevin Porter

5th round: 141st overall - Jim McKenzie
- picked 140th overall - Jake Dowell

5th round: 156th overall - Roman Wick
- picked 159th overall - Mike Brown

7th round: 219th overall - Joe Cooper

8th round: 251st overall - Matt McIlvane

9th round: 284th overall - John Wikner
- picked 287th overall - Jannik Hansen

Notes: Though there are some solid NHLers taken around were Meszaros was, the former Sen has had a solid career thus far, and it's too bad we couldn't resign him. The big miss here has to be those choice of Lyamin over Dubinsky and Gogo, as well as Jeff Glass over Edler.


1st round: 9th overall - Brian Lee
- picked 6th overall - Gilbert Brule
- picked 7th overall - Jack Skille
- picked 8th overall - Devin Setoguchi
- picked 11th overall - Anze Kopitar
- picked 12th overall - Marc Staal

3rd round: 70th overall - Vitali Anikeyenko
- picked 67th overall - Kris Russell
- picked 72nd overall - Jonathan Quick

4th round: 95th overall - Cody Bass
- picked 96th overall - Chris Butler

4th round: 98th overall - Ilya Zubov
- picked 101st overall - Jered Boll

4th round: 115th overall - Janne Kolehmainen

5th round: 136th overall - Tomas Kudelka

6th round: 186th overall - Dmitry Megalinksy

7th round: 204th overall - Colin Greening

Notes: Though I'd rather have Brian Lee over Matt Gilroy, I'd much rather have Kopitar/Staal over Lee. But anyways, what can you do. Also, I think if Dmitry Megalinsky ever made the NHL, he'd challenge Colonel Klinkhammer for the best name in the NHL. I never really realized how old Greening was until I saw that he was an 05 Draft pick.


1st round: 28th overall - Nick Foligno
- picked 25th overall - Patrik Berglund

3rd round: 68th overall - Eric Gryba
- picked 69th overall - Steve Mason
- picked 71st overall - Brad Marchand

3rd round: 91st overall - Kaspars Daugavins

4th round: 121st overall - Pierre-Luc Lessard

5th round: 151st overall - Ryan Daniels

6th round: 181st overall - Kevin Koopman

7th round: 211th overall - Erik Condra

Notes: This draft was probably the best one for the Sens over the ones that have been looked at in this post. Foligno is a solid NHLer, and Daugavins + Condra have been nice finds so far. We'll see how Gryba turns out, though.

Final Thoughts: Overall, though there were some major missed picked over these years, the Sens still got some established NHLers out of it. I guess the moral of the story is to not draft a Russian, as no Russian picked over the course of the 4 years ever turned out to be a good player for the Sens, or even make the NHL for that matter. Even though we'll all point out Muckler's misses, the draft back then isn't like it is now. The talent level has gone way up in the past few years, with more and more picks seeing NHL action, and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that the rounds have dropped from 9 to 7, and that player development has been much better. Anyways, when in doubt, choose a Swede!

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