Goaltending & Habs/Leafs back to back

Maybe Anderson masochism was a blessing. Not because he was not good but because it has allowed us to bank a guy like Bishop.

Lehner has shown in the past that he can get it done in the AHL and has been nothing short of spectacular in the NHL so far this season. What more can we ask? Would you prefer him to be dominant in the AHL and fluke in the NHL? He has already won everything in the AHL and usually, when you win a level, you pass to the next one. Folks, I've seen a couple of BSens games this year and I can tell it was terrible. Lehner's just having a season at the image of the team. How can you expect him to put up stellar numbers when he gets salted and peppered every single game. They have been brutal as a whole. That team seems to play within no system and allow at least 160 shots per games. Brian Elliot himself wouldn't do better than Lehner.

Lehner has been incredible this year with the big team (.935% sv, 2,01 GAA, 5gp) but he got sent back to Bingo anyway. I can tell he is having a very long time down there, watching the clock and wondering what's the joke.

Ask anyone in St. Louis and they'll tell you Bishop's a number 1 goaltender. I remember a couple of Blues games I watched last year when Bishop got a shot due to an injury to Halak and Conklin awful play. I thought Bishop was ok, not more. But watching him this year, his preparation before the games, his focus, his calm, I can tell he has really really improved and I hope he'll be given a true chance to play in Ottawa because he definitly has all the assets to be great in this league.

Bishop posted a .926% sv and a 2.16 GAA in four games so far as a Sen.

That leads me back to Andy. He's good but certainly not great. He's streaky too, being great during a strech and leaving you wondering what the hell during another. He's 30, has played 30+ games a season four times and 50+ games only twice (including this season) in his career. He hasn't posted a GAA below 2.60 once during those four seasons. He has a .913% sv and 2.85 GAA through 56 games so far this season.

I know it was the clear before he got injured that Andy was starter but I think he started so much games this season because we didn't have plenty of options (no, Auld is not an option). We do have options now and that's why I wouldn't rush Anderson return and make him wait a bit when he'll be ready to play too because even if Bishop fails in the next couple of games, I really think Lehner deserves another shot with the Sens this season.

We're playing Montreal and Toronto back to back this week-end. Bishop didn't look crazy at all in the last game Vs Montreal he will start again but Lehner should start saturday, for 3 reason:

1. His first game this season was against the Leafs, he won that game and posted a .926% sv and 2.00 GAA

2. After the 5-0 loss last time we met the Leafs, there will be pressure on the sens side and when pressure comes on, Lehner's the man.

3. He has the better numbers of all three goalies (+ Auld) that has played for the Sens this season but he seems like the one who's on the outside look for now and next season.

I'm confident that with Bishop and Lehner starting those two games, we can take those 4 four points and be on top of our division by next week.

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