Silver Nuggets: Favourite Jerseys

Andy wishes he was wearing the original white jersey - Mike Stobe

There's not really much that is Nugget-worthy these days. So instead of discussing anything lockout related, today's post is about favourite uniforms. Uniforms are an integral part of a team's identity. Some of us chose who to cheer for based on the colours our teams wear. Uniforms identity us as fans and show support for the players on the ice.

Some uniforms are more successful than others. We all have our favourites of course. Our favourites are not necessarily the best-looking uniforms (classic threads that are aesthetically appealing), but they're the jerseys we love to see. We nod with approval when we see someone wear one of our favourite jerseys at a rink or walking down the street. We search desperately online to find that one jersey to complete our collection.

The following are my top-10 favourite NHL jerseys; add yours in the comment section!

10. Vancouver Canucks road jersey, worn (with slight variations) from 1978-1986. The ultimate V-neck sweater in the history of ugly V-Necks. The yellow home jerseys from the same period are too much though.

9. Anaheim Mighty Ducks white jersey, 1993-2006. Is there any jersey that's more 90s than this one? The colours! The diagonal stripes! Ridiculous logo! This jersey inspired many minor hockey league sweaters. The only thing better would have been if they used the actual jersey from the first movie.

8. Minnesota Wild alternate jersey, worn from 2009 to present. I think this jersey is wildly successful. When a jersey can be successful using only two colours (well, almost just two colours in this case) I think it's great. It gives the uniform a visual simplicity that works really well. The script crest fits. Love the use of green, don't get enough colour variation in the NHL.

7. Los Angeles Kings home uniform, 1967-1969. Purple!!! Not enough purple in professional sports. The purple and gold was very regal and appropriate. Again a jersey utilizing (mostly) just two colours and it works. Fantastic crest.

6. Chicago Blackhawks red jerseys, worn from 1955 to present (with slight variations over the years). Classic. Great colour scheme. Makes Mike Myers and Dana Carvey look like pros.

5. Quebec Nordiques road jersey, worn from 1991-1995. Great shade of blue not used much in the NHL. Love the subtle red outline around the numbers. The fleur-de-lis border makes it though.

4. Ottawa Senators home jersey, worn 1992-2007. So good. The best Sens crest. The team needs to wear these again.

3. New York Rangers white jersey, worn from 1951 to present. I'm generally not a fan of white jerseys, but when done correctly, they are awesome. The shoulder stripes and "Rangers" lettering make this jersey.

2. Hartford Whalers road jersey, worn from 1979-1985. Always loved the Whalers crest. It's so subtle and makes great use of negative space. Love the green. Not enough colour variation in the NHL. This version of the traditional Whaler road jersey takes the cake for me because of the whale shoulder patches.

1. Detroit Red Wings white jersey, worn from 1961 to present. I love this jersey. Simple, perfect colour scheme. Great logo. The white shoulders/red arm stripes are what make this jersey perfect.

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