Silver Nuggets: Case for Robin Lehner

Phillip MacCallum

If/when the NHL season starts, there should be some questions surrounding the Ottawa Senators. One of the most pressing questions will be between the pipes with Robin Lehner putting up spectacular numbers in the AHL.

While the Lockout has been going on, Twitter has been an incredibly depressing wasteland. All of the hockey reporters all tweet the same depressing updates and regurgitate the same old quotes from The Donald and Mr. Bettman. It gets so frustrating.

However, there are still some fun follows, one of whom is my predecessor Adnan! Yesterday he tweeted this:

Adnan ‏@sens_adnan
Oh and it won't happen, but Lehner should be starting goalie in Ottawa to start. Anderson is going to shit the bed for a few weeks.

At first, this struck me as funny. But when you think about it? Robin Lehner is playing like a madman in Bingo. Through 10 games of play, he has posted a 1.77 GAA and a 0.945 save percentage behind a team that has a lot of young players on it. In the last game alone, the Rochester Amerks had 51 shots on Robin, and the Baby Senators were still able to pull out a 3-2 win.

Now, Craig Anderson played amazing at the end of last season, and had a dynamite playoff series against the Rangers. But Craig hasn't played any professional games yet this season, and if this ends soon (haha) Ben Bishop won't be ready to give too much help either.

So, what say you? With the way he is playing, is there a way we see Robin Lehner in Ottawa when this season starts? At the very least it is fun food for thought.

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