Silver Nuggets: All-Time Senators: Coaches

Phillip MacCallum - Getty Images

We have our starting lineup, now who to direct them? Today we do our first off-ice position for the all-time team. There have been some flops in Ottawa coaching-wise, but here are two of the best ones.

Jacques Martin: Love him or hate his boring style and super bored face, but Martin is responsible for grooming much of the talent that our high drafts were bringing in, and helped make the Senators respectable after years of losing. He is the leader in games coached and wins, and is the only Senators coach to win the Jack Adams. Much like Lalime yesterday, it is his inability to get the team over the hump that everyone remembers.

Bryan Murray: Our current leader at the helm was also the most successful coach in his tenure here. He has the highest winning percentage in the regular season of any coach to be in Ottawa AND he also has the best playoff record. Did I mention he made the team more scoring-oriented and coached us to an extremely exciting Stanley Cup berth?

Sens Links:

  • PETER GAVE US A GAME RECAP AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. The B-Sens, on the backs of Mika Zibanejad and Jakob Silfverberg won their pre-season opener against their nemesis Hershey. [SSS]
  • And here is the recap from the Binghamton official site. [BSENS]
  • Cyril Leeder is optimistic the lockout will be resolved soon. Daniel Alfredsson is not. [SensExtra]
  • A nice little prospect roundup by Scanlan who takes care to highlight how well Francois Brassard and Chris Dreidger (the two goalies selected by Murray in June) are playing. [SensExtra]
  • Last but certainly not least, the 6th Sens Podcast is back, this time with former B-Sens coach Kurt Kleinendorst as their guest. If you love prospects, you want to listen to this. [6thSens]
League Links:
  • The guys at Puck Daddy wonder how a salary rollback would affect the free agent frenzy we saw this summer, and wonders whether owners were negotiating in good faith. [PD]
  • shines a light on some lesser-known NHL records. [NHL]
  • Wayne Scanlan finds the Maple Leafs handling of Nazem Kadri puzzling (as do I) and compares it to the way Jason Spezza and Robin Lehner have been handled here in Ottawa. [Scanlan]
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