Silver Nuggets: All-Time Senators: Left Defence

Rick Stewart - Getty Images

Today we look at our last skating position, the left defence. Today's vote should be very interesting as there have been some wonderful players to play that position for the Ottawa Senators. Let's look at the best ones.

Chris Phillips: Only the second player ever to play 1000 NHL games for the Ottawa Senators, Chris Phillips has become an Ottawa staple. The 1st overall pick in the 1996 draft, Phillips was a key part of the Chara-Phillips shutdown pair and the anchor in the Volchenkov-Phillips pair. He has been solid if unspectacular, but has been a model Senator in the community.

Wade Redden: 4th all-time in Senators scoring, and he played 838 games for the Ottawa Senators. It is sometimes hard to remember how much he was loved here once upon a time because of the way his tenure here ended. His community involvement and his ummm... appeal with the female fans was second to none. If the new CBA finds a way to give him an out in his Rangers contract, wonder where he'll land on a short-term, low money deal.

Zdeno Chara: The first Ottawa Senators D-man to win the Norris trophy, even if it wasn't WITH the Ottawa Senators (take THAT Erik Karlsson). Forever Chara will be linked to the man above him, as it was a defining moment when John Muckler chose Wade over Zdeno. He posted 149 points in 299 games with the team and was probably the most dominant d-man to ever play for the team. He was something to watch, that's for sure.

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League Links:
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