Heroes and Zeroes, halfway

We are now halfway through this season and it is time to look again at the Hero-Zero count. We are lucky here on Silver Seven Sens to have some very astute authors who do an excellent job of observing individual game performance, and then recording it in the game recaps. Conveniently, they identify Heroes and Zeroes for each game. By compiling a list of all those players, we can get a pretty good indication of how well individuals have performed.

I have compiled a list of players and the number of times they were either named in recaps as Heroes and Zeroes, or had a very positive (or negative) mention in "Honourable Mention" or similar during the regular season games up to 2012-Jan-05 (the Lightning game).

Name Hero Count Zero Count Difference (Hero - Zero)
Alfredsson 12 0 12
Michalek 11 0 11
Karlsson 14 4 10
Anderson 13 5 8
Condra 8 0 8
Cowen 9 2 7
Gonchar 9 2 7
Smith 8 1 7
Greening 7 1 6
Phillips 6 1 5
Spezza 9 5 4
Foligno 4 0 4
Daugavins 5 2 3
Kuba 4 1 3
Rundblad 5 3 2
Regin 2 0 2
Turris 2 0 2
Neil 3 2 1
Carkner 1 0 1
Hoffman 1 0 1
Lehner 1 0 1
Butler 3 3 0
Auld 2 2 0
Winchester 1 1 0
Lee 0 0 0
DaCosta 3 4 -1
Filatov 0 1 -1
Zibanejad 0 1 -1
Konopka 1 4 -3

There have been a few changes since the first quarter report. Alfredsson is now at the top, and a few players have climbed significantly, notably Condra. Spezza's relatively low standing is indicative of his play. Turris is climbing the standings, but hasn't yet exceeded Rundblad, so did we win that trade? As a regular player, Butler's low standing is surprising. Lee remains invisible, with no mention at all in any recap. Finally, Konopka's role on the team is definitely shown by his last place standing, below even the guys we no longer have!

I will update this table again at the three-quarter point, and at the end of the season.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Silver Seven community, and does not necessarily reflect the beliefs or opinions of the site managers, editors, or Sports Blogs Nation, Inc.

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