Silver Nuggets: Out of sight, out of mind

Bruce Bennett

It's day 83 of the lockout, and I'm feeling like most people are, I'd wager: Impatient, frustrated, apathetic, and pretty pissed off. And that fact is influencing my passion for the game right now.

While preparing to write today's Silver Nuggets, I was discussing potential topics with Mark Parisi. He gave me a lot of great ones: Is this the last chance to save the season? Can Ottawa host a Winter Classic? Should Mika Zibanejad be allowed to play in the World Juniors? What are my memories from the end of the last lockout? What rule changes would I like from a new CBA? And so on.

All subjects that would, under normal circumstances, interest me greatly. And yet as I thought of where to start, I'd simply think, "ugh." My interest in writing about these subjects is completely gone. I've tuned out entirely, and find that I'm barely following even the Binghamton Senators despite their success. Considering my normal level of attentiveness to Ottawa Senators news, that's quite a story.

Although I'm not entirely sure, I think I might have completed the stages of grief associated with the lockout and arrived at the 'acceptance' part. I've settled into a routine, and it doesn't include hockey anymore.

But I'm pretty sure my passion will return in short order once NHL hockey does resume, but right now I just feel a lot like "Roger" seems to (based on his common commentary refrain, "Ugh"). There's only one thing I want to hear right now, hockey-wise: That the NHL is ready to get going again.

Where's your mind these days? Do you find yourself completely disinterested? Are you attentively following the B-Sens? Have you started thinking about other things? Has the recent 'cautious optimism' changed your outlook, positively or negatively?


Senators headlines:

NHL headlines:

  • Fun with podiums: Five For Howling; SB Nation;
  • What an end to the lockout could mean for the World Juniors. One thing it could mean: If any or all of Dougie Hamilton, Sir Griffin Reinhart, ESQ, and Morgan Reilly are re-called by their NHL teams, Cody Ceci will be on Team Canada. (SB Nation)
  • An account suggesting the Leafs would be well-served acquiring Roberto Luongo. I'm not sure about this trade... if it goes well, the Leafs will have a good goalie and I'll be sad; if it goes poorly (as it very well could), the Leafs will have once again overpaid for an over-hyped veteran. We'll see what happens. (PPP)
  • A bunch of crap about optimism re: CBA talks. (Sun)
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