Welcome to me being welcomed to the site

Greetings all,

As a year long follower but new member of the site I recently started joining in on a few discussions, reached out to AlfieGirl about merging our respective groups for the home opener and 2nd annual (For now! Bi-annual moving forward...until he gets traded again anyway) Boo Heatley Night and have come to the conclusion that I should provide some form of introduction to the fine readers of this most excellent blog. 
If like Z.Smith you don't give a crap then please stop here however if you want to know a bit about this newbie, please continue after the jump.

If even one of you bothered to get this far, I thank you and commend your sense of community. OK, I will keep this short!

- lifelong Ottawa boy
- have had at least a 6 game pack since a couple years after their resurrection but have been a flex 40 guy for about 6 years now
- I believe Muckler did more damage than good, regardless of the Conference and Stanley Cup final appearances
- I don't believe Murray is GM due in any way to his local ties >> even if that were true at one point, it certainly isn't now
- think Kuba isn't nearly as bad as most seem to think
- think Spezza has been underrated for years and is better defensively than most give credit for
- believe Bobby Butler will be legit, elite scorer (30 goal guy is elite in my books)
- probably overly optimistic/forgiving when it comes to Sens and management decisions and find myself quickly trying to defend moves (pretty much only against people that are completely against current regime and don't find any positives)
- write how I talk and since sarcasm and humour don't always come across so well I never intend to belittle or be condescending but apologies in advance if it seems that way

That's it, looking forward to getting more involved and hopefully meeting some of you Oct 11!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Silver Seven community, and does not necessarily reflect the beliefs or opinions of the site managers, editors, or Sports Blogs Nation, Inc.

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