Day Three of Development Camp: Scrimmage

Editor's note: the following is a FanPost written by one of our readers, Marvellous. If you have something you'd like to share with the Silver Seven community, write up your own FanPost and some of our favourite ones will be posted on the front page!

The scrimmage was a very spirited affair. Cowick ran over somebody on the first shift and he was one of the targets for the rest of the night.  He took more than he dished out, including a rink shaker right in front of us.  It was impressive to see Cowen step up and hit him back on the same shift.


As a coach for 12 years I was always very defence conscious, and I noticed that I followed the defencemen more than the forwards.


Unfortunately the sight lines in the Sportsplex made it really hard to see very much.


All in all, I’m really impressed with the depth of our defence, especially their ability to get the puck moving out of the zone.  The highlight for me was the play of the defence.


Here are my impressions:


63 - Aneloski, Bryce: didn’t notice him at all

70 - Blood, Ben: Played with Cowen a lot and was impressive with his first pass and ability to win the puck and move it. Threw several solid checks and looked good with Cowen.

74 - Borowiecki, Mark: Most impressive dman after Cowen; very confident and poised command of the puck and a great passer. This guy is going to make it to the NHL.

27 - Claesson, Fredrik: Didn’t notice much other than a couple of nice passes.

2 - Cowen, Jared: Third star of the night. A leader barking out stuff to the guys, physically powerful, powered his way up the boards and made several perfect cross ice passes. Seemed super confident and had a "Don’t mess with me" attitude retaliating with Cowick. He made one mistake turning around backwards too quickly and Silfverberg went around him like a pylon for a scoring chance.  Made a fool out of Zibanejad in a one on one and went in for a scoring chance.




52 - Fransoo, Jordan: Didn’t notice him.

72 - Lyamin, Kirill: Avoided any physical contact at all as he seemed like he was out of his element with all the hitting that was going on. He got an assist on one of the goals, but I really was unimpressed with this guy's chicken attitude. He avoided going for the puck along the boards twice to not get hit.

7 - Rundblad, David: Very safe player in this game; wonderful passer but not very engaged other than one time he went to the net. Disappointing performance.

45 - Wideman, Chris: Excellent passer. Great at getting the puck out of the zone.

46 - Wiercioch, Patrick: Very impressive, nice control in getting the puck and moving it quickly. Confident, uses his size well. He's not far from being ready.


48 - Cannone, Pat: Perimeter player, really unengaged, totally outclassed. I can’t imagine why so many teams wanted him. He seemed frightened to try anything and just got rid of the puck as soon as he touched it. The worst player on the ice.


67 - Caporusso, Louie: Nice speed, went to the net. Hopefully he’ll play in Bingo and turn into a scorer there.


73 - Costello, Jeff: Had two of the most glorious scoring chances that anyone could have scored on and missed on both. He skated away with a raft of unmentionable language. This little kid beside me asked her dad what Costello said because it happened right in front of us, and he said "Some very bad language."


54 - Cowick, Corey: A real shit disturber… fourth line kind of guy, looking for someone to hit, and got nailed a few times in retaliation… the kind of player other teams hate.


50 - Culek, Jakub: Big guy who was pretty invisible.


24 - Da Costa, Stephane: Other than his assist on one of  Dziurzynski’s goals, he was really tentative and afraid to engage.


43 - Dzingel, Ryan: Didn’t notice


59 - Dziurzynski, David: A nice surprise, really big guy who plays big. Scored a beauty with a delay using the dman as a screen, and scored another one that I couldn’t see.


21 – Filatov, Nikita: The best skater on the ice, bar none. Created lots of chances, including making the nicest pass of the night… delaying until the perfect moment and threading the puck to a wide open Costello (I think) who blew it.  This guy has got some serious offensive play in him, and I cant wait until he shakes the rust off. Missed on a penalty shot as he went in too close. Went in on a breakaway and made a gorgeous move and the goalie made a great save. I’m impressed with this guy.


57 - Grant, Derek: A real trouble maker looking to hit people and got a few licks in. Scored the nicest goal of the night through the five hole.


53 - Hamilton, Wacey: Invisible.


68 - Hoffman, Mike: Scored a really nice goal on a lightning fast release. I like this guy and wish there was room for him. He’s one of those guys who will be a better NHL player than an AHL player.


6 - Kramer, Darren: Invisible.


69 - McCormick, Max: Didn’t notice him.


36 - Noesen, Stefan: Great skater, looked a bit rusty but set up a few scoring chances.


22 - Pageau, Jean-Gabriel: Great skater, looked like the fastest skater on the ice, and probably was involved in the most scoring chances. Missed on a penalty shot. The goalies were pretty good, especially Janecyk.


61 - Peltz, Brad: Didn’t notice him.


20 - Petersson, André: The second star of the night. Very shifty and confident. He looks like a gunner in the making, and scored a nice goal. Stole the puck a couple of times and backchecked nicely.


10 - Prince, Shane: Looks like a good player with some rust. Shifty, and a very fast skater.


3 - Puempel, Matt: Didn’t notice.


33 - Silfverberg, Jakob: The first star and best  player on the ice by a mile. Confident, overpowering one on one presence. He won every single battle. Set up a goal and setup several other chances which weren’t finished. This guy is ready and it pisses me off that he’s headed back to Sweden. Stole the puck several times, great backchecker. Made a fool out of Cowick on one play and almost scored.


66 - Sorensen, Marcus: Buddy buddy with Rundblad, that’s all I noticed about him.


60 - Stone, Mark: Slow footed, that’s all I noticed.


12 - Zibanejad, Mika: Not very engaged. Obviously talented by watching him shoot and skate in the warmup, Seemed out of it early in the game… disappointing showing… and got hit in the face right in front of me about half way through and didn’t return.

As a final impression after leaving, I realize that we have a lot of raw talent in our forwards that needs some serious development time. The finish around the net was seriously missing, although there were alot of chances generated. Hopefully our coaches (along with the experience these players will have) will help teach these kids some finish.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Silver Seven community, and does not necessarily reflect the beliefs or opinions of the site managers, editors, or Sports Blogs Nation, Inc.

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