Day Two of Development Camp!

Greetings again!

Due to my brother's graduation from high school today, I was only able to catch the last 40-45 minutes of the practice today, but I figured people here might still be interested!

I won't go through everyone today, as I can't honestly say I saw something from everyone, but hopefully the information (and opinions, remember, its just MY opinion!) is useful to you! I focused on the higher profile guys today, because I had limited time.

When I got there, the whole group was being shown about 10 different stations, that were to be done in pairs, and rotated. I stood in front of a drill that involved passing/puck control/tight turns, and also near a drill where guys started about 10-15 feet out from the goalie, trying to score. Across the ice was acceleration and power skating type drills. Also, I was one of the last people to leave as I watched the guys fool around. Most of my commentary will be about this.


Without further ado, here we go!



David Rundblad: A guy I gave a hard time to yesterday for not looking like he was focused or into it. I would say today (from what I saw) he was more into it, but it appears he might just be like that, a really laid back, calm guy. However, his puck handling/passing is obviously very good, and he even had some sweet hands around the net, converting some nice moves. At the end of the practice, him and Silfverberg (who seem to be buddies) stood just inside of the offensive zone, at opposite ends of the ice, saucer passing, and didn't miss once. 

Jared Cowen: As expected, his puck control and passing were not his forte, but he was good at it. It was the power backwards skating drills on the other side that he was a complete beast during. 

Patrick Wiercioch: My dad and I agreed, only one player did the passing/puckhandling/tight turn drill better than Wiercioch. He uses a really short stick for a guy his height, but man, this kid is smoother than warm butter. 

Fredrik Claesson: Stayed with Zibanejad, Sorenson and Noesen on the ice LONG after everyone had left, shooting pucks from the point so Noesen could tip them. 

Forwards after the Jump!



Mike Hoffman: I said it yesterday, but I feel I must reiterate. He. Is. Filthy. His puck skills, around the net, and shot, are almost unrivalled at the camp. On the 10 foot breakaway drill (which, if you've ever done that, coming in with no speed, you know its very hard to beat the goalie) he scored nasty goal after nasty goal. I think he's poised for a breakout Bingo season. 

Mark Stone: My dad looked at me at one point and said "he's not very good with the puck, is he?". To be honest, his puck control is poor. I am willing to bet most of his WHL 106 points came from right in front of the net. But as we decided later, all points count the same. 

Jean-Gabriel Pageau: Man, is he ever small. He is strong for his size however. Only thing of note is, at the end, when the Djurgarden boys were playing with Noesen at one end, he was all alone at the other end playing around the net, which I found strange. I guess, while we have a large Swedish contingent that seems to stick together, we don't have many french players...

Stefan Noesen: For the second day, I found myself most intrigued by Stefan Noesen, because, while I was extremely familiar with many of the names expected to go in the first round, and the associated scouting reports that went with them, I hardly took a second look at Noesen. And then we picked him. Not only that, but many feel we reached on him. So now, I'm interested, and whenever he's in my vicinity at the camp, I have eyes for him only (is that weird?). Regardless. He is really good. He had a few shots today from in close, 10-15 feet out, and absolute snipes, picking corners the goalies didn't know existed, with a wrist shot I hardly saw yesterday. At the end he was tipping Claesson's shots, and you can tell that's a real strength of his. I'm getting excited about this kid. 

Mika Zibanejad: Alright, its official. I'm pretty in love with this pick. Colour me one of those people who watched us pick Zibanejad and immediately thought, oh shit! They must not realize Couturier is still on the board! I have since been converted. He was much more relaxed today, laughing and joking with guys on the ice. And remember when I said only one guy had better puck control/passing/tight turns than Wiercioch? Ya. Zibanejad. He was so good at it, he dicked around putting it through his legs on the tight turns, like it was on a string. In the acceleration drill, his first few steps were incredible. I can only imagine how that acceleration will pair up with his enjoyment of physical play. At the end he spent time tipping Sorenson's shots, and he is very good with the puck, and his hand-eye is something else. 

Jakob Silfverberg: Its official. I'm Tim Murray level pissed off at this kid. He could for sure step in to the Sens line up this year, and yet he's not even coming to camp. He has the best quick release to hard-ness(?) ratio on his wrist shot (if that makes any sense). Basically, his wrist shot it incredible, and its bar down before you know he has shot it. Can't wait for the year after next for this kid.


And there you are! An abbreviated version I know, I apologize, but hopefully some good info in there for you. Puempel skated with Filatov today, but they were done their on-ice portion by the time I got there, sadly. Also, I teach tennis tomorrow night right during the Scrimmage so pray for rain so that I may go and provide more information for you, and if not, hopefully someone else can step up!


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