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Senator's fans  must dig a little deeper before dumping the Senator's failures at the feet of Bryan Murray. Let's face it; after the loss of the Cup in 2007 it was quite clear to anyone who understands the game that the Sens were in need of both a deconstruction and reconstruction. John Muckler led the team through five drafts (2003-2007). That's is why the Senators "stink" right now. Other than Jason Spezza, they are bereft of any young stars or prospects over 20 and younger than 30. It will take Bryan Murray a few more years to fix this mess. How many good players do the Senators have who were born in the years 85-89; the Muckler years? Or, discounting Spezza, in 81-84. That's  almost an entire decade of no growth from within. In today's game, the players in the 21 to 29 year age group are most often the core of the top teams. Ottawa has one important player in that age group. Now check Philadelphia, Washington, Pittsburgh, Vancouver, etc. Sure, John Muckler was not at the draft in 2007 but Bryan Murray was stuck with the Muckler team’s draft decisions that year having been hired just a few days prior to the draft. Further, it was Mr. Muckler who let Chara walk away for nothing after setting the table with his surprise trade of Marian Hossa for the heartless Dany Heatley (My dislike of Heatley being based upon his frequent disappearances when the going got tough and not on his more recent forced exit out of Ottawa). That he essentially got nothing in his trade of Martin Havlat is even further condemnation of John Muckler's tenure as  G.M. Philadelphia's rapid turnabout under Paul Holmgren was premised upon the extraordinary drafts of his predecessor, Bobby Clarke. This was also the case with Pittsburgh for whom Craig Patrick did most of the  groundwork. On the  Canadian side of the  border, Dave Nonis and Brian Burke put together the core of the Stanley Cup contending Vancouver Canucks. Let Bryan Murray finish what he started and build a team that resembles the last team he constructed to win a Stanley Cup. Big, tough and fast. Ottawa Valley hockey. You know, like the Anaheim Ducks who won in 2007. John Muckler's failure at the draft is quite stunning when the results are before one's eyes. What follows is a snap shot of Mr. Muckler's draft history with the Senators:


I give you...


The Wonderful Drafts of John Muckler (2003-2007)


2003 draft picks

Round #          Player

1          29        Patrick Eaves

2          67        Igor Mirnov

3          100      Philippe Seydoux

4          135      Mattias Karlsson

5          142      Tim Cook

5          166      Sergei Gimayev

7          228      Will Colbert

8          269      Ossi Louhivaara

9          291      Brian Elliott


2004 draft picks

Round #          Player

1          23        Andrej Meszaros

2          58        Kirill Lyamin

3          77        Shawn Weller

3          87        Peter Regin

3          89        Jeff Glass

4          122      Alexander Nikulin

5          141      Jim McKenzie

5          156      Roman Wick

7          219      Joe Cooper

8          251      Matt McIlvane

9          284      John Wikner


2005 draft picks

Round #          Player

1          9          Brian Lee

3          70        Vitali Anikienko

4          95        Cody Bass

4          98        Ilya Zubov

4          115      Janne Kolehmainen

5          136      Tomas Kudelka

6          186      Dmitry Megalinsky

7          204      Colin Greening


2006 draft picks

Round #          Player

1          28        Nick Foligno

3          68        Eric Gryba

3          91        Kaspars Daugavins

4          121      Pierre-Luc Lessard

5          151      Ryan Daniels

6          181      Kevin Koopman

7          211      Erik Condra


2007 draft picks

Round #          Player

1          29        Jim O'Brien

2          60        Ruslan Bashkirov

3          90        Louis Caporusso

4          120      Ben Blood

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