Preview: Looking at 2011, 2012 Ottawa Senators

1) BM has had a very seccesful history drafting from his time in ottawa with stealing karlsson at 15 overall and cowen at number nine along with second round picks wiercioch and lehner.

Now lets take a look at last year what murry did in the first round... Now i know that every sens fan at home said WTF when they anounced that ottawa was trading for ANOTHER defencman but look at how thats worked out so far rundblad had a terrific year in the swedish elit league and set a bunch of new records.

now if we can keep going on the same track with drafting these key guys early and late in rounds 1 and 2 we could have a prety deep prospect pool as early as next years draft.

But that being said like any contender we need to find thoughs late round gems like detroit has done so well over the years.

as it is right now this is how our line up would look next year



Foligno-6th pick-Butler



13th forward could be Jim O`Brien can play on the PK and play in a third or Fourth line role when called upon.

All so i originaly had shannon on the fourth line winger position (because of his speed, quickness and energy) instead of greening but have re-thought that and i think that having a bigger stronging winger on our fourth line is a better option along with the fact he can play on the third line if needed.




Lee- Gonchar

7th D-man could be Matt Carkner could Bring him in to games if you think you need added toughness.

Guys like Cowen, Wiercioch and Gryba are next in line and only a phone call away from the big club.

Now you can have Cowen playing in bingo for the first half of the season playing big minutes with a solid partner and call him up later on if you can get a team to bite on a trade for kuba or gonchar( this would be difficult due to the fact kuba is a pilon and gonchar is overpaid and has another full year at 5 million )

So if this is our opening day roster then you would have Nashville pick, Dacosta, Cowen, Potulny, and Wiercioch as your Big name prospects in bingo( the reason i dont include Corey Lock in this mix is because i dont see him becoming any type of effective NHLer)

So now we have a good  one two punch at center and a strong defence core(minus kuba.. can you tell i hate him?) but anyways now we have a stronger puck moving defence along with some strength up the middle(now the center position is a big question mark and all depends on what murry does at the draft this summer) so if we go into next season bar any costly injuries to top players such as spezza or karlsson and andy plays well in net i can see us finishing around the 10, 11, 12 spot in the eastern conference. 

Now we have some good building blocks and are really starting to re-tool our prospect pool.

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