Silver Seven Playoff Pool and Playoff Predictions (with a small prize)

So our beloved Ottawa Senators will not be taking part in the NHL playoffs. But we can still have a playoff pool! I will be holding two competitions, a player fantasy pool and a series prediction pool.

Player Pool Format

  • Each teams picks three centres, three left wingers, three right wingers and four defencemen and one goaltender. Positions are determined by their position on So even though Henrik Zetterberg leads the Red Wings in face-offs won, you can't pick him as a centre as he is listed as left wing on
  • Scoring is as follows: Goals: 2 points; Assists: 1 point; Power play goal: 1 bonus point; Shorthanded goal: 1 bonus point; Over time goal: 1 bonus point; +/-: +0.25 for a plus, -0.25 for a minus; Goaltender win: 3 points; Goaltender loss: -1 point; Shutout: 1 bonus point
  • There will be a live draft held in an open thread either on Monday or Tuesday. The order will be determined in random order by Microsoft SQL Server and will alternate in each round. There are a maximum of 16 teams available. Although, I doubt we will get that many.

Series Prediction Format

  • At the start of each round, predict the winner and the number of games for each series
  • 10 points for predicting correct winner, 5 bonus points for predicting the number of games. Note: 5 bonus points are only applicable if you get the team right. For example, if Chicago plays Vancouver and you say Vancouver in 7 but Chicago wins in 7, you get 0 points.
  • You don't have to predict all the rounds in advance, but once the match-ups are known for each round. For round two onwards, the predictions will be made in order from first place down to last (so 1st place doesn't simply copy the picks to retain lead).


  • The winner of each pool shall receive a small prize (probably something around $20 on the NHL shop website). This will be contingent on you trusting my creepy self with your address. If I happen to win the pool, then the second place person will get the prize. Or a hug from me. Whatever works.

If you are interested, speak now or forever miss out on your prize!

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