Silver Nuggets: Binghamton looks to even series tonight; Another Senators report card

I can't figure out who that is aimed at. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Hi everyone! It's Friday! One week before a four day weekend. Woo hoo! Starting today, I am going to have trouble finding Ottawa Senators news. I'll post it as it comes, but it will mostly be general hockey stuff and Binghamton news.

In any case, I don't know about the rest of you, but playoff games are just not the same without Ottawa. I am in a bunch of playoff pools, so it kind of gives me something to cheer for. Also, in case any of you were wondering, this is how the Silver Seven members predicted the first round match-ups.


Here are today's links, brought to you by mangoes, the official fruit of the Silver Nuggets.

General Sens (Ottawa-ish) News

  • Here is another Ottawa Senators report card. It is much more funny than the one on the Ottawa Sun. My personal favourite: Filip Kuba receiving a K-, Chris Phillips squeaking out an F+ while Pascal Leclaire receives F infinity. Also, that blog is going to need a new name. (Cory Clouston Fashion Review)
  • The above link was the only Ottawa Senators link, but AlfieGirl did point out one that was kind of Ottawa-ish. Here is an article on how well Mike Fisher fits in with the Nashville Predators. (Globe and Mail)
  • Brian Burke received a standing ovation at the University of Ottawa! No, it wasn't for being the Leafs general manager, but for his work in addressing homophobia in sports. Kobe Bryant will likely not receive such a standing ovation. (Sun)
  • The Binghamton Senators lost Game One last night in Manchester. Read the recap by Joy Lindsay. She is my favourite American by the way (sorry Mark), she cheered for Canada in the 2010 Men's Gold Medal game! (Joy Lindsay)
  • And here is Joy again, with her notes on Game Two after the morning skate. (Joy Lindsay)
  • Here is a spreadsheet with everyone's picks for the Silver Seven Prediction competition. If you entered the player pool and would like to receive daily updates, or the login information to check the standings, email me at the address on my profile. (Adnan)

More after the jump.

Playoff and Genral NHL News

There are four NHL playoff games tonight:

And here are more links:

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