Strome or Huberdeau?

For a large portion of the year, on this very blog, we all debated the merits of Larsson, Lando, RNH and Couturier, at the time virtually locked into the top four. 

And then, Craig Anderson happened. Colin Greening, Bobby Butler, Erik Condra and of course Jason Spezza, happened. 

And now, here we sit, with a 75% chance of picking 5th overall. 

Now, 5th overall is not a bad place to be.  Here is a look at the last 9 players picked there, courtesy of

5th Overall NHL Draft Picks
Year Player Pos. Drafted From Drafted By
2010 Nino Niederreiter LW Portland (WHL) New York Islanders
2009 Brayden Schenn C Brandon (WHL) Los Angeles Kings
2008 Luke Schenn D Kelowna Toronto Maple Leafs
2007 Karl Alzner D Calgary Hitman (WHL) Washington Capitals
2006 Phil Kessel C Minnesota (WCHA) Boston Bruins
2005 Carey Price G Tri-City Americans (WHL) Montreal Canadiens
2004 Blake Wheeler RW Breck School (Minn.) Phoenix Coyotes
2003 Thomas Vanek LW/RW U. of Minnesota (NCAA) Buffalo Sabres
2002 Ryan Whitney D Boston University (NCAA) Pittsburgh Penguins

As can be seen, there are some very good players picked at the 5 spot. 


This year, assuming the Sens do not win the lottery (let's be honest, our luck is terrible) and hoping we don't lose it and end up 6th overall, the Sens will be picking in this spot. Many mock drafts have one of three names in their 5th overall spot:

Ryan Strome

Jonathan Huberdeau

Ryan Murphy 

As attractive as Murphy sounds (Mike Green type offense), we are loaded up with D-man prospects, and I know many of us would love to grab a forward, especially one that can put up points. So, if the Sens do not try to move up in the draft, it comes down to Strome, or Huberdeau.

Playing in two different leagues, these two offensive dynamos have put up numbers that suggest they can contend with Couturier, RNH and Lando. Both are on the smallish side, weight-wise (160 lbs), but both put up ~105 points in ~65 games this year. I know Murray was quite high on Strome, but Huberdeau was a go-to guy on the first place Sea Dogs Team that tied a Q record for most wins, and his coach claims Huberdeau could have put up more points if he hadn't bought into the team philosophy as much as he did, indicating his two-way ability.


So, what say you, Silver Seven Faithful?

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