Silver Nuggets: Senators back to second last; Lehner begins hunt

The Ottawa Senators helped out their draft position with a 4-3 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. Coupled with an Avalanche win, the Senators returned to 29th place. Gabriel, here we come!

Also, it maybe just a few days after the March Equinox, or "spring" for you folksy types, but we have a good 5 centimetres of snow here. According to my Ottawa source (Peter), there was no snow in Ottawa today. So today's non-hockey topic of the day is, what is your favourite season? In keeping with my contrarian ways, I don't mind winter, in fact, I just might even like it. I don't enjoy -25C, but I'll take it over a disgusting day at 43C with the humidex!

My favourite season is autumn, when I have just gotten over the filth pool that is summer. So my rankings are 1) Autumn/Fall 2) Spring 3) Winter 4) Summer. My ideal day is about 18 degrees with a nice breeze, and then walking by the waterfront near Lake Ontario. What is your ideal day?

But if you insist on talking hockey, I'll throw you a couple links. Beware, it's a slow news day though.

Last game

More after the jump.

General Sens News

  • Craig Anderson should be good to go tomorrow night. (Ian Mendes)
  • I posted this in the comments yesterday, but as I am a little short for news today, I will post it for more attention. Here is Robin Lehner discussing the Anderson extension. (Joy Lindsay)
  • Patrick Wiercioch was nervous before his NHL debut. Meanwhile, Paul Maurice feels the Senators have already mourned their season. (Sun)
  • The latest edition of the Digital Faceoff at the Ottawa Sun is in favour of the Anderson extension. (Sun)
  • The Senators rested their three stars at practice today. The three being Erik Karlsson, Jason Spezza and Marek Svatos. (Ian Mendes)

General Hockey News

  • Matt Duchene (also known as the guy Ryan loves like I love Erik Karlsson) led the Avalanche to a win that helped us greatly! Also Brian Elliott did stuff in the shootout. (Yahoo!)
  • Lastly, the HBO 24/7 series received Emmy nominations. (Emmy)
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