Silver Nuggets: Senators/Hurricanes; Anderson extension reaction; Wiercioch makes debut

The Ottawa Senators are in Carolina tonight to take on the Hurricanes. While Craig Anderson was expected to play, Curtis McElhinney will make his third straight start tonight.

After waiting four months for a three game winning streak, the Senators could pull of their 2nd three game streak in just two weeks with a win tonight.

As a special bonus, there are no links to the Sun today! Yay!

Here are today's links:

Anderson extension reaction

  • Our Peter is in favour of the deal and feels that this is a pretty fair deal for both sides. Anderson gave up annual salary in exchange for contract length. (Silver Seven Sens)
  • Nichols feels that the Anderson extension was too long in length and notes that very few goalies are being signed for more than two years lately. (The 6th Sens)
  • Bryan Murray feels that had the Senators had Craig Anderson from the start of the season, their season might not have gone so horribly wrong. (Citizen)
  • The Goalie Guild also feels that the term was too long and risky. They feel that the Anderson deal will look great in the first half of the deal, but has the possibilities for a lot of things to go wrong in the second half of the deal. (The Goalie Guild)
  • The Anderson extension also means that Bryan Murray feels Robin Lehner won't be ready for a while. For the record, Robin Lehner did want Craig Anderson to stay, to help his hunting. (Citizen)

Tonight's game

  • Game preview. (
  • Six panelists predicts a loss tonight with one predicting a win. This ends a streak of three straight games with everyone predicting a loss, but just barely. (Sens Extra)
  • As mentioned, McElhinney will start, Milan Michalek won't play tonight and Patrick Wiercioch will make his NHL debut. (Ottawa Senators)

More after the jump.

General Sens News

  • While Milan Michalek won't play tonight, he is way ahead of schedule and might play on Thursday. (Citizen)
  • Wayne Scanlan wonders if Bryan Murray is going to stick around now as the general manager. (Citizen)
  • The 2011 rookie tournament, featuring the Senators, Maple Leafs, Blackhawks and the Penguins, will take place at the General Motors Centre in Oshawa. Or as it is known here, The Shwa. Do we want to call Ottawa The Twa? No? Okay then. But it should be fun, I just might go and get my first look at David Rundblad. (Toronto Maple Leafs)
  • Robin Lehner is healthy again and returned to practice. He won't play tonight though but hopefully before the season ends. (Joy Lindsay)
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