Game 63: Boston Bruins @ Ottawa Senators

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 All right, all right, settle down.  The GDT is here, and there's still hockey left to play.  Tim Thomas and the Bruins return to the arena with the best lighting for a battle with the Binghamton Ottawa Senators.  Nope, that joke isn't old yet, since it was the Binghamton kids who didn't realize they were supposed to lose to the conference-leading Flyers on Saturday.  If you'll recall, Ottawa scored four straight goals -- including Erik Condra's first two in the NHL -- to come from behind (yeah, you read that right.) in a 4-1 victory.

They're going to need some more of that mentality to win this game, because Boston owns Ottawa this year.  Actually, they've owned just about everyone on the road: They're 21-7-4 away from home ice, and that's pretty good, if you ask anyone.  Also, Tim Thomas has shut this team out twice already this year.  Also, Tim Thomas isn't playing for some strange reason -- presumably this is a plot by the Bruins to ruin Ottawa's lottery position.  Also, Ottawa doesn't have Alex Kovalev anymore, and he accounted for 50% of the Senators' goals the last time these two teams played.  Also, I'm publishing this GDT twenty minutes early and I don't care what you think.  So, who should you watch tonight?

  • Craig Anderson - His impressive play continues.  Anderson was the reason the team was able to rally against Philadelphia, and he's going to need to make similar saves if the Sens are going to have a chance tonight.
  • Tim Thomas - As mentioned above, this guy is the Sens Killer from whence all other Sens Killers spawn.
  • Edit: Tukka Rask gets the start.  So, basically, Ottawa has no excuse for losing now.  Upgrade all Senators players on your fantasy team by 5,000,000 -- except Kuba.
  • Ryan Potulny - Acquired yesterday in a trade with Chicago for Chris Campoli, he makes his Senators debut tonight.  He's anchored with Lessard, but he could show some chemistry with the returning Jesse Winchester.
  • Erik Condra - Shined on Saturday.  Can he keep it up against an opponent with better defense?
  • Colin Greening - With Milan Michalek injured, Soylent gets the start with Jason Spezza and Bobby Butler.  He has the speed, size, and shot to play there, but will he be able to excel?

And that's it.  You shouldn't watch any other players, especially on the Bruins.  Seriously, just pretend they're not there and act mystified over how this (whatever "this" happens to be at the moment you are acting mystified) could be happening to Ottawa.  Then post about it in the comments section, which is where you should be for this game anyway.

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