Silver Nuggets: Is anything wrong with the power play?

Milan Michalek wants a good power play. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

After scoring at almost one in every three chances earlier in the season, the Ottawa Senators have scored only in two of their last 30 power play chances. Jason Spezza mentioned all the cliches, such as shooting the puck, going to the net, getting a body in front, get the rebounds and other generic tactics.

As previously mentioned a couple weeks ago, the Senators weren't getting that many shots to begin with, they were just scoring on a large percentage of them, something that isn't sustainable long term. At the time, the Senators averaged 47.1 shots per 60 minutes of 5-on-4 time, and the overall rate has now dropped to 43.8 (which means it has been even lower in that period). That's good for 24th in the league. In addition, previously the Senators were scoring on 20% of their 5-on-4 shots, now they are scoring at 16.9% which is still the second highest in the NHL.

In other words, the Senators had everything going right on the power play earlier despite not getting a lot of shots and now things are levelling off a little bit, though there is still a drop in the number of shots. Shooting the puck more will definitely help, as long as they are not simply floating in the puck at the first opportunity, but still trying to develop plays. There is a lot of talent on the power play and hopefully it can get going again.

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General Sens News

  • Erik Karlsson hasn't voted for himself because it's 'cheating' and err...he doesn't know how to do it. On the other hand, Karlsson's father has created the first email address of his life to vote for his son. Karlsson doesn't thinking he will keep the overall vote lead for too long, expecting the captain from Pittsburgh to pass him. (Ottawa Sun)
  • The Senators practised in Rockland in front of 2,300 children yesterday and Daniel Alfredsson felt like, wait for it, wait for it...JUSTIN BIEBER! (Senators ExtraOttawa Sun)
  • Bruce Garrioch was told be a league executive (anonymous of course) that he doesn't expect Kyle Turris to be traded despite interest from six clubs including Ottawa. Also, Chris Neil's wife Caitlin gave birth to their third child. (Ottawa Sun)
  • Wayne Scanlan's pleasant and unpleasant surprises in the first quarter of the NHL season includes Milan Michalek on the pleasant side. Also on the pleasant side, former Senator Brian Elliott who leads the NHL in goals against average (1.48) and save percentage (.946). (Ottawa Citizen)
  • Nikita Filatov, Binghamton's leader in goals, expects to discuss his future at the club with Bryan Murray next week, though no date has been officially set. Binghamton plays today, Friday and Saturday for its last three November games. (Joy Lindsay)
  • Filatov also won't speculate on how he will react to Murray's decision, preferring to wait for what Murray says. (Joy Lindsay)
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