Now that Turris is signed...

We are all pretty cognizant of the fact that our dear Senators are lacking a legitimate scoring threat at second line center.  

Spezz has cemented the 1st line spot, with Zach Smith holding down the fort quite well on our third line.  Our second and fourth lines have been revolving doors throughout the season, with DaCosta and Regin ( and Ziba) sharing time in the #2 slot, and Konopka, Winchester and DaCosta spending time on the 4th line.  Konopka and Winchester have done what is asked of them, providing good forechecking pressure on the opponent's defense, while providing the sandpaper on the team that is expected of a fourth line.

All that's left is to determine who should be in the number 2 slot.  DaCosta has shown spots of brilliance throughout the season, but his lack of consistency has been frustrating, to say the least.  Furthermore, with Regin's glass shoulders ( and very unfortunate luck) there really is nobody else in the pipeline to fill that need in the short term.

With this situation present, and our surplus of NHL caliber defenseman, it smells like a trade is brewing...

Now, I'll be the first to say that Kyle Turris is largely unproven in the league, and does not merit the 3 million per year that he was originally asking for from the Coyotes.  While 46 points in 131 NHL games is nothing to scoff at ( and is certainly more points than I could accumulate over that period) he has not lived up to his original hype that made him the 3rd overall pick in the 2007 NHL draft.  The contract he just signed with Phoenix checked in at 2.8 million over 2 years (1.2 and 1.6 per year), which is very fair for a player with his kind of potential, and lack of production.  What he has potential for over many Senators, in my opinion, is the fact that he can be a game breaker; someone that can change the flow of a game with his play.

The question is, do the Sens have any interest in this young star?  What would be reasonable to give up Turris?


I’d be willing to part with 2 out of any of these 7 pieces in order to get Turris (But not Carkner AND Lee):

Regin, Filatov, DaCosta, Butler, Lee, Carkner, 3rd round pick.

However, will this even be enough to pry away a former 3rd overall pick?  Does Phoenix get any benefit from our players in return?  They need some desperate help on the power play, with only 8 PPG to this point in the season, but nobody from that list is going to help Phoenix out immensely over their current players.

Thoughts?  Thanks for the read!

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