We Remember: The Ottawa Senators Logo of Flags

The 1914-15 Ottawa Senators pioneered the 'alternate sweater' movement in the NHL when they wore a logo of Canadian and British flags. (Back Row: Cosy Dolan (trainer), Jack Darragh, Hamby Shore, Art Ross, Horace Merrill, Frank Shaughnessy (manager); Middle Row: Angus Duford, Sammy Hebert (goalie), Alf Smith (coach), Clint Benedict, Leth Graham; Front Row (seated): Eddie Gerard (left), Punch Broadbent.) (Photo from Wikipedia.)

Every year on November 11, citizens throughout the Commonwealth, the United States of America, and in other countries commemorate those who died while fighting for their countries in war since World War I with parades, moments of silence, and other ceremonies. During the days leading up to this year's Remembrance Day, we at Silver Seven will look at the points where the history of the Ottawa Senators intersects with the stories of the First and Second World Wars. These are but a few stories among tens of thousands of Canadians who went to war in defen ce of our country.


The 1914-15 Ottawa Senators were a powerhouse in the National Hockey Association. Goal scoring was a bit of an issue, but thanks to some stellar goaltending by Hall of Fame netminder Clint Benedict, they went on to win the NHA championship trophy, the O'Brien Cup.

But at the time, the minds of the team, and of most Canadians, were distracted by the war in Europe. To show allegiance to the war effort, the team adopted a logo of flags during the 1914-15 season. Composed of the Union Jack and the Red Ensign crossed, it demonstrated the solidarity between Canada and the United Kingdom during World War I.

Today, the Senators marketing department seems to be pursuing two different goals: building a strong relationship with the Canadian military, while also embracing the history of the original Ottawa Senators. Incorporating this logo of flags somewhere onto the team's sweater--perhaps for Remembrance Day next season--seems like a terrific way to do both.


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