10 Games of Stats

Well, we're 10 games in.  How are the various stats for the team so far?  It's too early to say much about the season as a whole, but let's have a look at the numbers, see how they compare to the league, what conclusions we can draw about how the team started the season, and most importantly set the stage for comparisons later in the season.

As not all teams have played exactly 10 games, I have attempted to make all comparisons based on % or per game rates.  All stats are based on the games through October 27th.

General stats

  • Goals for per game: 2.9 (8th in the league)
  • Shots for per game: 30.4 (14th) 
  • Average shooting % for: 9.54% (9th) 
  • Missed shots per game: 13.5 (24th) 
  • Goals against per game: 3.9 (30th) 
  • Shots against per game: 31.2 (11th) 
  • Average save %: 0.875 (28th) 
  • A record of 0.500 (18th in the league with 5 other teams, 9th in the East with 3 other teams) 
  • Face-off %: 49.8% (15th) 
  • Give-aways per game: 8.0 (21st) 
  • Take-aways per game: 7.0 (14th) 
  • Blocked Shots per game: 12.9 (22nd) 
  • Hits per game: 23.2 (10th)

What does this tell us?

Goaltending has been an issue out of the gates though. A 0.875 SV% is just not good. It's not all on Anderson and Auld though, there is some evidence in the numbers for a lack of defensive support.  8 give-aways per game definitely needs improvement (though not as bad as Edmonton's 16 per game), and 12.9 blocked shots per game is down from 13.6 last year, and 14.5 the year before.  Though do we really want out younger defensive core blocking shots like Sutton and Volchenkov just yet?

Our offense is slightly above average overall. Probably better than most expected at the start of the season. Our shooting % is respectable but we'd have more goals if we hit the net more often. 3 out of every 10 shots goes wide or high.

How's the secondary scoring? Top 3 scorers have 51% of the goals for Ottawa, though you can make the argument that Alfie's 14% is secondary scoring since he isn't on the top line.

As everyone has spotted, the Senators have not been the best team in the league for 60 minute efforts. The breakdown of goals for and against per period bear this out.

Goals For

Goals Against


% of Scoring

Per Game

League Average (per game)

League Rank (per game)


% of Scoring

Per Game

League Average (per game)

League Rank (per game)


































The 1st period has been very weak, as a pair of 30th in the league rankings show. The 2nd period has been minimally above average for the league, while the 3rd period numbers make it look like all offense, no defence.

Ottawa has not lead a single game after 1 period, and only 2 games after 2 periods (winning both). We've trailed 8 games after the 1st period (winning 3 of them), and 6 games after the 2nd.

How is discipline? Short answer: not so good. At 14.8 penalty minutes per game, we rank 24th for time short handed. But at least we're taking fewer bench minors penalties now that we're rid of Cory "too many men" Clouston, right? Ooops... we've taken 4 bench minors (compared to 3 for all of last season), for a 29th place ranking the league. Phoenix, at 30th, has also taken 4, but in 9 games.

Special teams! PK was terrible in the first few games. It has improved somewhat, but is still 29th in the league at 72.3%. The power play is red hot, however, with a 2nd 29.4%. Unfortunately, the PP unit averages 2:32 less ice time per game than the PK unit.

Individually, we've got some players on hot streaks. Among all skaters, Spezza is ranked 3rd for points, 10th for goals and 4th for assists, Michalek is 8th for points, Karlsson is 20th for points and 3rd for assists and Gonchar is 22nd for assists.

Among defensemen, Karlsson is also 2nd for points and assists while Gonchar 14th for points and 7th for assists. Kuba (!) is 26th among defensemen for goals, though that's not saying much when the highest scoring defenseman still only has 3 goals.

Miscellaneous other stats

  • Z. Smith is the only player on the team to have played more than half of the games while maintaining a positive +/-
  • Average home attendance is 18,617 - 90.8% of official capacity (incl. standing room)
  • 7 of 29 goals for have been in the last 2 minutes of play, but only 2 of 39 goals against.
  • Spezza is 3 goals away from 200 regular season NHL goals. He is on pace to reach that milestone at home in early November, against either the Sabres or the Rangers.
  • Our top 4 scorers (Spezza, Michalek, Alfie and Greening) are a single goal short of setting a better goals per game pace than the combined Edmonton Oilers roster. This will also be true if Edmonton scores fewer than 2 goals in their 10th game.

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